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I have an invitation to extend to you, the members of the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild. You know about the SWG Foundation’s Legacy Project, I think. It is an ambitious, yet eminently attainable goal of acquiring our own building, one that would not only permanently house the offices of the Guild, but which could be a home for an array of services to writers. The potential uses are legion, as would be the opportunities to generate ongoing revenue streams for the Foundation and the Guild.

My invitation is this: please join me in making a regular monthly contribution to the SWG Foundation Legacy Project. Fixed, regular monthly contributions are the sure and certain way to provide significant money to the Project on a continuing basis, without straining personal financial capacity. I signed up to contribute $20 per month through PayPal which I accessed on the SWG Foundation payments and donations page on the SWG website. Just be certain to select the Legacy Project as the recipient of your contribution.
I’m not a wealthy man. I am pretty much retired now, and live of a modest but adequate income. And I am an aspiring writer. And I want a home for writers, a building. And I can help pay for that with fixed monthly contributions.
You can be certain that we will approach business and corporations, foundations, governments, whatever organizations we can find, to ask for substantial financial support for this project. But we cannot legitimately do so unless we writers demonstrate our own financial support for the project.

It comes down to this: I want to be a builder, not a bystander.

Please join me. I’m giving $20 a month, but pick your own level. Please do it now.

Rod Dickinson

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