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The SWG holds a 3-day Facilitated Retreat each November at St. Peter’s Abbey in Muenster, Saskatchewan. New in Summer 2019, a week-long Facilitated Retreat will be offered from July 12-19, 2019.

Purpose of Facilitated Retreats

The Facilitated Retreat is designed as a time for participants to focus on the writing they would like to do and to gain encouragement and motivation by interacting with the Writer-In-Residence and fellow participants, as well as serving as an introduction to the SWG self-directed community retreats.

How Facilitated Retreats Work

At the SWG Facilitated Retreat, as well as undisturbed writing time, the Writer-In-Residence gives an introductory talk on an aspect of writing, provides one hour of one-on-one discussion for feedback on each participants writing and/or answers to writing-related questions, and joins in with informal discussion at mealtimes and social times with the other participants.

Payment for Facilitated Retreats

The cost for the November Facilitated is $300 per person and includes a private room and all meals, as well an access to the Writer-In-Residence as described above. The Summer 2019 fee is $475 per person. Payment for the application fee can be made by online through PayPal, credit card, or by cheque.

Application Process Information

To apply, applicants (19 years and older) must submit an example of the writing they will be working on at the retreat, a paragraph or two describing their writing experience, and a paragraph about why they want to attend the SWG Facilitated Retreat.

Preference will be given to SWG members who have not published a book and who have never attended any of the SWG retreats. A maximum of twelve participants will be accepted.

Please contact with any questions about the SWG Facilitated Retreat. 

Applications must be received online or by email. Payments are to be received ONLY upon receipt of acceptance to the retreat.

For writers wishing to attend regular SWG Writers/Artists Retreats, but who may not qualify or who feel they'd like a taste of a writing retreat, the SWG recommends attending a Facilitated Retreat before applying for a Regular Retreat.

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