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NOTE: This program is now closed! Thank you to Arthur Slade, our Virtual Writer-in-Residence, and all of our SWG members who accessed the program. Please watch this site for information about future Virtual Writer-in-Residence opportunities.



Come in. Sit down. Have some tea or coffee (you might have to provide it yourself since this is a virtual office). Let’s talk about writing. I’m sure you have a story or a poem to share and I’m really looking forward to meeting your characters and reading your words and discussing them with you. This is a space where we’ll both learn about how to make our work better. Everyone—every type of writer—is welcome. After all, it’s your office, too. So let’s get to work on bringing your story to life.

Arthur Slade
Virtual Writer-in-Residence
About the 2020 SWG Virtual Writer-in-Residence Arthur Slade:
Arthur Slade was raised in the Cypress Hills of southwest Saskatchewan, Canada (on a ranch). He wasn't raised by wolves. It was elves. And one grumpy dwarf. He began writing at an early age. It took a few years but he is now the author of over twenty-five novels, including DUST (which won the Governor General's award), AMBER FANG and DRAGON ASSASSIN. He currently lives in the mythical city of Saskatoon and does all of his writing on a treadmill desk while he listens to heavy metal. Really. It's true.
Program open between February 1 – April 30, 2020
The purpose of the Virtual Writer-in-Residence program is to provide rural and isolated SWG members outside of Saskatchewan’s main city centres access to the services of a Writer-in-Residence. The Virtual Writer-in-Residence will meet one-on-one with SWG members through a video call to talk about the individual’s submitted writing project. Members wanting to access this service must register directly with the Writer-in-Residence via email. The Virtual Writer-in-Residence will arrange a meeting at a mutually convenient time and send the member an invitation to the video call. Each virtual meeting with the Writer-in-Residence is to last for no more than one hour. 
Who Can Access This Service:
You are eligible for this program if you are:
a) a SWG member
b) living outside of Regina or Saskatoon
This service is open to all members of the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild in good standing who do not have access to any other Writer-in-Residence programs. Members in urban centers such as Regina or Saskatoon should refer to the Writer-in-Residence programs at their regional library for similar services. 
The Virtual Writer-in-Residence will work with a maximum of twelve writers per month.
If you have any questions regarding your eligibility for this Virtual Writer-in-Residence service, please email
What This Service Can Do For You:
The Virtual Writer-in-Residence program provides opportunities for Saskatchewan writers in all levels of development and genres to receive guidance and advice on a specific writing project from an established Saskatchewan writer. 
Members may submit proposals, manuscripts or writing samples up to 15 pages in any genre for consultation. Work must be submitted by email in Word format at least one week in advance of any meeting with the Virtual Writer-in-Residence. The VWiR will read your manuscript and be prepared to discuss your work and answer your questions during your consultation.
Members can access this free service a maximum of one session per month, up to three sessions per residency period.
How to Access the Virtual Writer-in-Residence:
1) Arrange an online consultation with Virtual Writer-in-Residence. In your email, please include:
  1. A declaration that you are a SWG member in good standing
  2. Preferred times or dates to meet
  3. A brief summary (2-3 sentences) of what you would like to discuss with the VWiR
2) The Virtual Writer-in-Residence will respond to your email and arrange a meeting. Submit your manuscript/work of no more than 15 pages by email in Word format to the VWiR at least one week before your meeting. 
3) If you are meeting by video call, you will receive an emailed invitation link from the Writer-in-Residence for your meeting. Click on the link to join the call. 
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  • AnyMeeting Recommended Requirements are found here. When possible, use a wired internet connection and headphones with built-in speakers. (Like the kind of headphones you’d receive with a new cell phone.)
  • To join each meeting, participants will be emailed a link from the Writer-in-Residence. You can see the process to join a meeting here
  • To learn more about the platform, take a look at the handy user guides here and here, available on the AnyMeeting website.
A note about rural internet services:
If you live in an area of Saskatchewan with poor internet service or quality, please note that AnyMeeting includes the option of phoning into a meeting. Please discuss these options when making your meeting arrangements.
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