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Please note that the Guild does not provide grants to individual writers.

SWG Writers Group Grant

The Guild provides an annual professional development grant to eligible Saskatchewan writers groups to help their members develop their craft of writing.

Application Forms

Follow-up Report Forms

Annual Deadline For Application

Applications must be received in the SWG office on the last working day of June. In 2019, the deadline is Friday June 28.

Application Amounts

Each writers group may apply for up to $750 for the following fiscal year (01 August-31 July).

Criteria for Funding Eligibility

A Saskatchewan writing group is eligible for funding if it meets the following criteria:

  • it has a minimum of five members
  • two-thirds of the group are members of the SWG
  • it meets a minimum of six times per year to discuss writing by members
  • members meet in order to develop their craft
  • it has provided a follow-up report (with all the requested documentation) for the previous grant
  • new groups should have been formed no less than six months before applying for funding

If the group is approved for funding, cheques will be issued in September.

Responsibilities of Groups Who Receive Grants

Groups who receive grants have the following responsibilities:

  • include mention of SWG sponsorship on all appropriate publicity issued by the group
  • provide follow-up reports with the next year's grant application; if not applying for funding, submit only the follow-up report
  • provide copies of receipts or cheques of spent funds
  • unspent grant money in excess of $50 must be returned to the SWG by 4:30 p.m. on the last working day of June along with the report.

Acceptable Uses of the Grant Money

This grant is intended to help the members of the writers groups develop their craft. Allowable expenses may include, but are not limited to:

  • fees to an author/presenter to offer a workshop (ensure that the presenter hired is eligible to be paid through the SWG funding)
  • member travel expenses to allow them to attend meetings and craft development sessions, including festivals, conferences, etc.
  • member participation fees in conferences, workshops, and other craft development sessions
  • can be used to offset accommodations and mileage for writing group retreats for members


  • the grants may not be used for self-publication
  • the grants may not be used to buy books for the group
  • the grants may not be used for the costs of a website
  • the grants may not be used to promote the group or individual members
  • grants may not be used for social events, food, alcohol, or party favours
  • writing groups receiving a grant through this program are not eligible for funding through the Author Readings Program within the same grant period

For more information, please contact:
Yolanda Hansen, Program Manager
T: 306.791.7743

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