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The SWG collectively recognizes the Indigenous perspectives on First Nations' traditions and importance of storytelling of descendants and speakers from the traditional territories and treaty areas that founded our shared province. We welcome all Indigenous members, including First Nations,Métis and Inuit People and we aspire to respond and acknowledge the traditions of the most common linguistic groups,Cree, Dene, Lakota, Nakota, Dakota, and Saulteaux, and Michif.

The SWG Indigenous Program Coordinator organizes a variety of events and workshops geared to Indigenous writers and audiences.The SWG also works with an Indigenous Advisory Circle, which provides advice on respecting cultural observances in the Guild’s programming and services.

The Guild partners with the Saskatchewan Aboriginal Writers Circle Inc. (SAWCI) and the Ânskohk Aboriginal Literature Festival, encouraging membership in both organizations to be more representative of the Saskatchewan Indigenous writing community. We are also establishing a partnership with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.

The programs listed below are only the starting point as we continue to move forward and connect with the rich heritage of our Indigenous peoples, offering our support and a willingness to be enriched by our First Peoples. We have a great deal of work to do... and we need a great deal of help... and we're available to listen and act on suggestions.

For more information about any of these programs, please contact the SWG Indigenous Program Coordinator at 306-791-7749 or

Let's Talk Racism
Arts and Culture organizations Saskatchewan Writers Guild, Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan, Common Weal, and SaskCulture hosted a panel in the summer of 2018 to explore the ways in which the prairies have been shaped by racism. 
Moderated by Manuela Valle-Castro, our panelists Kristin Kavanaugh-Enns and Sheelah McLean, as well as Janelle Pewapsconias and Zoey Roy, navigated what racism means in their day-to-day lives. 
The event was recorded and shared at a later date thanks to Chris Ross at RezX. You can view the recording here.

Cultural Appropriation

Return of the Crow Hop Cafe Presents: A Panel Discussion on Cultural Appropriation

Arts organizations Sâkêwêwak First Nations Artists' Collective Inc., Saskatchewan Writers Guild, Saskatchewan Arts Board, and SaskCulture hosted a panel in the summer of 2017 to explore the ways in which cultural appropriation effects the arts community.

Moderated by Creeson Agecoutay, our panelists Janet Marie Rogers, Michelle Lavallee, Trudy Stewart, and Audrey Dreaver challenged appropriation in their respective fields.

The event was recorded and shared at a later date thanks to Chris Ross at RezX. You can view the recording here


Unsettling Ideas is a book club aimed at creating discourse, generating ideas and raising awareness to the 94 Calls to Action released one year ago from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada to the general public.

Ten monthly gatherings took place from September 2016 to June 2017 – each rooted in one (or more) title(s) paired to a Call to Action. Each month will featured a speaker, author, or community member who will offer thoughts and facilitate a discussion for those present to engage with the work itself, the particular call to action, and broader themes of decolonization and reconciliation. Due to popular demand, Unsettling Ideas returned in Fall 2018/Winter 2019 for three discussions.

We will announce each title with enough notice and information for interested participants to get their hands on a copy and participate in online discussions. The group sessions are entirely free to attend.

This is a shared project of the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild, Knox-Metropolitan United Church and Turning the Tide bookstore.

Please follow our group on Facebook for news and updates.


In February, SWG hosts annual events in celebration of Indigenous Storytelling Month in Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert. On this occasion, Indigenous storytellers and musicians perform and share their work to inspire and educate audiences. Watch for information about these on the website in the winter.


In June, the SWG partners with other community organizations hosting annual events in celebration of National Indigenous Peoples' Day on June 21st. We help sponsor and create spaces for Indigenous storytellers and writers at these events.


The SWG is excited to co-sponsor the First Nations Reading Series, in proud partnership with the First Nations University and the Office of Indigenization, University of Regina. This reading series is co-sponsored by the SWG, with travel assistance and support from the Canada Council. This series is currently on hold.

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