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How can I join a Writers' Group?
Many writers' groups are closed or by invitation only. However, you can put a notice in our weekly e-newsletter, Ebriefs, to indicate you are looking to join one. To do so, email swgmedia@skwriter.com with a short notice stating what genre you write in (children's, romance, sci-fi, etc.), the level at which you are writing (beginner, intermediate, advanced), whether you want to meet in person or prefer an online group, and how often you'd like to meet. Sometimes writers' groups that are looking for new members will advertise in Ebriefs as well.

You might also want to come to the Writers' Group Session at the annual Fall Conference. This session will be of interest to those who belong to writers groups, those who would like to join one, or those who are interested in learning more about them. This session will take place over dinner; it will be a great opportunity to meet each other, discuss issues of common interest, and perhaps plan ways to work together. This is also a good opportunity for those wanting to join a writers group to meet others who would like to form groups or whose groups are open to new members.

How can I start a Writers' Group?
These links will give you some helpful information on starting a Writers' Group:


Information about the SWG Writers' Groups grants can be found here.

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