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» Who Can Join?

Membership in the Guild is open to Saskatchewan and Canadian writers and anyone interested in Saskatchewan writers. Membership is open to individuals, professional associations, organizations and partnerships. You do not need to be a writer, you may simply be interested in supporting Saskatchewan writers or staying current with Saskatchewan's literary scene.

If you are a writer, you will find a home with the Guild no matter what kind of writing you do. Our members write fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, radio documentaries, songs, newspaper columns, screenplays, business material, television dramas, and more.

Similarly, you are welcome to join the Guild regardless of how long you've been writing. You may be just thinking about writing your first poem, or you may be a seasoned veteran with many published books to your credit.

Everyone is welcome!

Annual member rates are $75 for a regular membership, $55 for seniors (60 years and older), and $20 for full-time students.

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