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Publishing Symposium: How to Sell your Book(s) Better

When: Saturday April 14, 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Where: George Bothwell Brand Library, 2968 Gordon Road, Regina (Southland Mall)
Cost: Free

The Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild, SaskBooks, and Regina Public Library offer writers and publishers a chance to learn “How to Sell your Book(s) Better” at this year’s Publishing Symposium. Presented in partnership with the Regina Public Library’s Writes of Spring program.

Is direct marketing your best option? How do you get your book into a bookstore? How do you get the bookstore to love your book? Does it really matter what it looks like? These are all questions this symposium will answer, and more.

The symposium consists of a half day of presentations and information on Saturday, April 14, 2018 at the George Bothwell Library, 2965 Gordon Rd. in Regina. The symposium covers topics such as how to find a publisher, contract and royalties, self-publishing intensive (including workflow, production, hiring an editor, etc.), working with publishers to market your book, and other exciting information.

SaskBooks Presentation 10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.

A rapid-fire session focusing on the business of book publishing, hosted by Jillian Bell from SaskBooks. How can SaskBooks and the SWG help? Jillian will discuss the aspects of book marketing you need to know to get your publishing business off on the right foot.

Featuring: Jillian Bell

Publishing Panel Discussion 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

The Panelists will address their experiences with book marketing, from a few fundamental truths about what attracts purchasers and buyers, to what works best to get that book where it needs to be in the marketplace. There will be an opportunity for questions after the panel, and later, to meet the panelists as well.

Moderated by Jillian Bell, and featuring:

Dave Reynolds: (Regional Buyer/Manager, Chapters/Indigo): Getting Your Book on the Shelf

What things are booksellers and retailers looking for when they buy books? This presentation will discuss a few fundamental truths about what attracts purchasers and buyers.

Duncan Campbell: (Book Designer, University of Regina Press): Good Book Design isn’t Just About Looks.

Good design is more than making your book look good. Good design means understanding your market, knowing your content, finding the sweet spot in-between the two, and transmitting that through design and packaging. This presentation will discuss how to take your book design to the next level, beyond just making it look good.

Catherine Milos (Self-Published Author): You’re Building Rome – Selling a Self-Published Book.

This presentation will discuss what it takes and what you can do to sell your book as an author or self-publisher.

Participation will be limited, so please register in advance.

For more information contact Oin Nicholson, SWG Program Coordinator, at 306-791-7746 or swgevents@skwriter.com



Jillian Bell is a writer and freelance editor living in the Qu’Appelle Valley in Saskatchewan. Jillian is a blogger, and is active on social media. Her articles have appeared in Amazing Stories Magazine, Prairie Dog, Planet S, Freelance, the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance blog, and regional print media. Jillian has syndicated her blog posts with BlogHer, Progressive Bloggers, Five Star Friday, and other online sources. Her poetry has most recently been published in A Gift of the Prairie, published by Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre in 2014, and she has provided written material for the Climax Museum. Jillian works for SaskBooks, our provincial creative industry association for book publishers, and has served on the board of the Saskatchewan Book Awards, Radius Communications, the Lumsden Regional Library, and others. As ‘the bookchick’, Jillian hosted a live spoken-word program on community radio featuring writers, publishers, librarians, readers, and other bibliophiles for 11 years. Jillian is active in her community, working with the coaching staff of minor football and as a member of the community school council.


Dave Reynolds started with Chapters as a bookseller in 1997, holding various positions in the stores, and has been the Western region procurement specialist for Indigo since June 2008. Before becoming a bookseller, Dave received a Diploma (Hons.) in Film & Video from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Dave has written short & feature length screenplays, and has also directed and produced several short films. In his spare time he likes to travel by bicycle.





Catherine Milos is a best-selling author, self-publisher, editor, and consultant who works with writers from around the world. Since self-publishing her first novel in 2015, she has reached over 5000 readers and followers. Her author-cat, Whiskers, now has her own author-pet blog and Instagram account, proving cats really do rule the world and run the internet.







Duncan Noel Campbell is an award-winning book designer who has worked in publishing for over twenty years. Originally from Newfoundland, Campbell has made Saskatchewan his home for the past 28 years. At different points in his life he has been a nationally exhibited artist, a GLBTQ activist, thin, and general thorn in the side of bad guys. He has a point of view, a sense of humour, and two cats named Pumpkin and Socks. He is currently the Art Director at University of Regina Press.













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