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Laurie Lynn Muirhead



  • Laurie Lynn Muirhead is a Saskatchewan writer of both poetry and of children's literature. She is a member of The Saskatchewan Writer's Guild, Canscaip and the Sans Nom Poetry Group. She is a Certified Educational Associate, holds a Diploma with the Institute of Children's literature in Connecticut and works part time as a Library Clerk at the Shellbrook Elementary School in Shellbrook. She enjoys facilitating creative writing workshops, performing her own poetry and participating in individual and group readings. She is a strong advocate for children's writing and is a creative writing coach for youth.

    Laurie makes her home northwest of Prince Albert on a ranch with her family. She is actively involved in their cattle operation and much of what she writes is drawn from her life experiences.


  • Fiction » Children's Literature—Picture Books
  • Poetry » Children's, Cowboy, General

Professional Services

  • Editing » Developmental/Project Editing, Proofreading


  • Hockey, The Game of our Lives (anthology). MacIntyre Purcell Publishing, 2019
  • Lullaby Lilly. Your Nickel's Worth, 2017
  • Fun on the Farm (anthology). Driver's Works Inc., 2016
  • Line Dance (anthology). Burton House Books, 2016
  • Cream Money(anthology). Driver's Works Inc., 2015
  • Between the Lines (anthology). University of Saskatchewan, 2014
  • Skating in the Exit Light (Sans Nom Poetry Anthology). Sans Nom, 2013
  • Canadian Contemporary Anthology. Ontario Poetry Society, 2013
  • Bone Sense. Thistledown Press, 2012
  • Arborealis (anthology). The Ontario Poetry Society, 2012


  » Newspaper, Magazine, & Trade Journal
  • Rural Roots

Broadcast Works

  • CBC Radio, Kelley-Jo Burke, 2007-2010
    • Healing Hearts (suite of poems)
      Maybe if I Hold These Words (suite of poems)

Workshops Offered

    • Group Size:
      • 3-20
      Here's a creative writing experience for those wishing to try their hand at cowboy poetry. This workshop offers insight into the steps concerned with creating an original cowboy poem. You will be guided through selecting a topic, choosing a rhythm pattern, designing the first verse, roughing out the main body and pulling it all together with a remarkable last verse. We will also discuss the oral presentation of cowboy poetry and its importance as it pertains to the preservation of history.
    • Group Size:
      • 3-20
      Here's a creative writing experience for youth ages 8-16. Through individual and group exercises have fun exploring the many different ways to express oneself through the written word. With the use of your five senses you will be guided through simple steps on how to create written images. We will discuss getting the ideas down on paper, working from a beginning to an end and the process of editing. And for a final treat, (and yes there will be treats) we will indulge in a time of shared reading
  • Poem Shaping
    • Group Size:
      • 3-25
      From the raw beginnings of a poem discover the individual direction of allowing your work to find it's own polished end. Through exercises devised to allow shape and form to your work, you will discover the art of following your poem rather than forcing it.
  • Workshop Name WRITING IS FOR THE BIRDS ( Anyone Can Fly)
    • Group Size:
      • 3-20
      Here's a creative experience for those who feel the need to write but don't know where to start. Through individual and group exercises we will explore getting your ideas onto the page by starting at the beginning, travelling through the editing process and reaching the end. We will also investigate various writing genres, overcoming writer's block and getting published. And to sum it up we will look at the key points to a successful writing group.

Audience Age Groups

    • Adults
    • Secondary School (10-12)
    • Middle School (6-9)
    • Elementary School (K-5)
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