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Margy Reid


  • Born in Macklin,Sk in 1966, most of my childhood was spent on a farm near Denzil. I was lucky enough to grow up smack dab in the middle of a family of seven kids.

    I remember chomping at the bit when I was about 13, waiting for my mom to give the go ahead for me to start babysitting for people other than family. I've always loved kids and all the noise and chaos that goes with them.

    I became a wife and mother by the ripe old age of 20 and had the fourth of my four beautiful daughters before the age of 25. My husband and I made the decision early on for me to stay home with the kids. So, for extra income, I did what came naturally to me and opened a dayhome.

    I really have had the privilege of being surrounded by children, in one way or another, for my entire life.

    I'd been wanting to write children's books, and more, for a long time, I just never seemed to be able to find the time. Now, our children are all grown and have left the nest. So, with my family's encouragement and support, I have taken the first steps on this incredible writing journey.


  • Electronic Media » Blogs
  • Fiction » Children's Literature—Picture Books, Suspense/Thriller
  • Poetry » Inspirational


  • Tags Go In The Back. Self- published, 2012
  • Everyday Wishes For Your Extraordinary Life. Self- published, 2012
  • A Crazy Day. Self- published, 2011
  • Lexi's Magic Clothes. Self- published, 2010

Audience Age Groups

    • Adults
    • Secondary School (10-12)
    • Middle School (6-9)
    • Elementary School (K-5)
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