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Along with showcasing our authors, “Find Saskatchewan Writers & Services” is a valuable tool for hiring an author for readings and presentations, or professional writing services.

You can browse the list below or do a search for author or service with a wide variety of choices.


Hiring a Writer for a Reading or Presentation
Writers may be hired for author readings and presentations independently or through the SWG Author Readings Program for Schools, Libraries, and Communities. If you would like to apply to hire a writer to do a reading or presentation at your school, library or other venue through the SWG, please see our SWG Author Readings Program.

Standard SWG Hiring Rates - 2017/2018 apply as a minimum. Some writers may request additional fees, as is their prerogative.


Hiring a Writer for a Professional Service
Many writers also have other special skills and may be hired to do professional writing services, such as editing and critiquing, business and journalistic writing, genre and ghostwriting, online and media relations work, instructing professional development workshops, lecturing and public speaking engagements.

Payment rates for services vary widely and must be negotiated with each individual.


A Writer Not on the List?
If the writer you are looking for does not appear on this list or in the search option OR If you are an SWG member and you want to be listed, please contact the Guild office at 306.791.7747 or

Antymniuk, Amber
Arbuthnott, Shane
Baker, Brenda
Banks, Shelley
Bates-Hardy, Courtney
Bell, Jillian
Bezanson, Taylor
Biasotto, Linda
Bidulka, Anthony
Bird-Wilson, Lisa
Bishop, Mary Harelkin
Bonny, Sandy Marie
Bower, Annette
Calder, Marie Donais
Campbell, Anne
Carriere, Kenneth G.P.
Chan, Grace
Chorney, Ruth Anne
Coghill, Veryl
Currie, Robert
Dick, Janice
Driver, Deana
Duncan-Cary, Marny
Dyck, Ted
Ehman, Amy Jo
Gane, David
Gerbeza, Tea
Gereaux, Tara
Gerwing, Colleen
Goertzen, Glenda
Goobie, Beth
Grambo, Rebecca
Guenther, Lisa
Guymer, Myrna
Haensel, Regine
Hamon, Tracy
Harding-Russell, Gillian
Harris, Susan
Harrison, Carol
Hendrickson, Raye
Herriot, Trevor
Hill, Gerald
Hobbs, Heather
Hobsbawn-Smith, dee
Hollos, Judit
Howden, Janice
Hunter, Jennie E
Hunter, Gordon F
James, Warren
Jarvis, Laurie Meyer
Jones, Tim
Karpan, Robin & Arlene
Koerner, Miriam
Krause, Elena
Langhorst, Barbara
Larson, Melanie
Lawrence, Katherine
Lazurko, Anne
Lohans, Alison
Lorer, Danica
Lundy, Randy
Marella-Wolfe, Adriana
Margoshes, Dave
McFarlane, Melanie
McLean, Donald
McNair, Bert
Meadows, Sally
Mikolayenko, Linda
Miller, Donna
Monahan, Lynda
Mourre, Helen
Muirhead, Laurie Lynn
Mutala, Marion
Noel-Maw, Martine
Patton, Anne
Paulson, Joanne
Peat Hamm, Heather
Pierce, Kristin
Plumb , Sharon
Powell Mendenhall, Marie
Reid, Margy
Reimer, Tanya
Remlinger, Paula Jane
Richards, David
Richards, Harriet
Richardson, Gillian
Robinson, J Jill
Rowley, Mari-Lou
Sauser, Daryl
Scarrow, Kristine
Schmidt, Brenda
Schnell, Melanie
Sebesteny, Anna
Silverthorne, Judith
Smid, Madelon
Smith, Jane
Theis, Leona
Townsend, Annabel
Trettwer, James
Ulrich, Maureen
Utman, Victoria
Wagner, Bernadette
Waiser, Bill
Welch, Toby
Whyte, Jayne
Wilkinson, Denise
Willett, Edward
Williams, Jessica
Worrell, Peggy
Young, Dianne
Yourkowski, Yvonne
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