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    As a charity organization, volunteers are essential to the operation of the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild. We rely on volunteers with a wide variety of skills. Our volunteers make a difference in the lives of Saskatchewan writers through their generous contributions of time, skills, and commitment. The SWG is always looking for volunteers to assist our writers, our community, and our organization. Put your expertise to work through one of our many volunteer opportunities. 

    What Can You Expect?
    You will find that being part of this organization will offer many rewards, including the chance to meet new and inspiring people, develop fresh ideas, use your skills or learn new ones, but most of all you will be an important part of our dynamic team. 

    How Much Time is Required?
    Since our programs, services, and other activities take place year round, we can offer a variety of short and long-term volunteer opportunities. Volunteer for an hour or two, for successive hours over the course of several weeks, an evening or an afternoon, and anything in between. 

    Where Are Volunteers Needed?

    • Talking Fresh Festival (Regina)
    • Writing North Festival (Saskatoon)
    • Words in the Park (Regina)
    • Readings on the River (Saskatoon)
    • Fall Conference & AGM
    • Readings, Launches
    • Guild Office (Regina)
    • and more...

    Volunteer Benefits

    • Builds your résumé
    • Enjoy social networking and meeting new people
    • Make industry connections
    • Experience something new for free
    • Helps you form mutually beneficial friendships
    • Learn new skills and insights (public speaking, organizing, financial, event planning, administration tasks)
    • If you are regular volunteer you will be given first choice at upcoming volunteer opportunities
    • Strengthens community ties
    • Helps the Guild lower costs so more events can be planned
    • Get to be part of the VIP pre- or post-event group and have one-on-one time with authors
    • Get to know more about the Guild, programs, services, board members, staff, etc.
    • Have fun and make yourself feel good
    • Be involved in a rewarding opportunity

    Benefits to the Guild?

    • Shows the strength of the organization
    • Shows our funders we are a robust community
    • Enhances the Guild’s reputation
    • Boost morale of staff and members
    • Help provide the Guild with tools and resources to enhance community engagement programs

    Volunteer Roles
    Board of Directors

    • Directors
    • Board Standing and Ad Hoc Committees


    • Library shelving and organizing
    • Database entry
    • Stuffing envelopes and event kits (conference, festivals, publications, etc.)
    • Telephoning
    • Research
    • Technology - IT


    • Hosts (events, workshops, readings, festivals)
    • MC’s at events
    • Panel moderators
    • Photographers
    • Chauffeur (authors, etc.)
    • Deliver equipment and materials
    • Hang posters at venues and PR outlets
    • Set-up and tear down
    • Work registration desk, book table, and information booth at events

    Program Committees/Forums

    • Sit on short or long term program committees (Conference, fundraising, membership, etc.)
    • Participating in forums


    • Helping beginning writers get started on the basics of writing and formatting manuscripts
    • Transcription and formatting of hard copy material into electronic copy 
    • Be an ambassador for the Guild in your community

    For more information, please contact Nicole Cole at info@saskwriter.com or 306.791.7740.

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