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Administrative Staff

Executive Director:
Tracy Hamon

The Executive Director is responsible for the general direction, operations and resource management of the Guild. They also work closely with the Board and our core funders (Saskatchewan Lotteries, and SaskCulture).

T: 306.791.7742 
E: director@skwriter.com

Administrative Assistant: 
Andrea MacLeod

The Administrative Assistant responds to general inquiries by phone, mail, and email. They also provide support for the Executive Director, Accountant, Program Manager, and SWG Board, as well as managing memberships and donations.

T: 306.791.7740
E: info@skwriter.com

Financial Manager:
Jacquie Fry

The Accountant oversees all financial matters for the Guild and the SWG Foundation.

T: 306.791.7748
E: accountant@skwriter.com


Programming Staff

Program Manager:
Yolanda Hansen

The Program Manager plans, organizes, delivers, and monitors the Guild's programs and services. These programs include awards, festivals, retreats, Mentorship Program, Manuscript Evaluation Service, Fall Conference, writing group funding and the Poet Laureate program.

T: 306.791.7743
E: programs@skwriter.com

Program Coordinator: 
Cat Abenstein

The Program Coordinator is responsible for managing the SWG Author Readings Program, professional development workshops and rural workshops, the Write After Lunch series, our Summer Reading series (Words in the Park and Readings by the River), and community partnered programming, as well as assisting with other programs of the Guild.

T: 306.791.7746
E: swgevents@skwriter.com

Indigenous Program Coordinator:

The Indigenous Program Coordinator plans, organizes, delivers, and monitors the Guild's Indigenous programs and services including the Indigenous Mentorship Program, Storytelling events, programs for youth, professional development workshops and events.

T: 306.791.7749
E: swgip@skwriter.com


Publications Staff

Publications Coordinator:
Shirley Fehr

The Publications Coordinator prepares and distributes the Guild's weekly e-newsletter Ebriefs, is the editor of Freelance, our quarterly member magazine, and is responsible for the layout and design of the Guild's publications for emerging writers and high school students respectively, Spring and Windscript, as well as Grain magazine and all Guild promotional materials.

T: 306.791.7744
E: swgmedia@skwriter.com

Grain Editor:
Nicole Haldoupis

The Editor is in charge of all editorial matters for Grain, the Guild’s award-winning literary journal. The Editor manages the assistant genre editors, applies for funding, selects pieces and oversees the layout and printing of the magazine.

E: grainmag@skwriter.com

For submissions or ads to Freelance or Ebriefs, please send information to swgmedia@skwriter.com.

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