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June 29, 2019

Stories Under a Living Sky - From many stories strength - Regina

Time: 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Organization: Saskatchewan Writers' Guild

Location: City Square Plaza, Victoria Park, Regina, SK


Stories Under a Living Sky: From many stories strength

Cost: Free event, all ages

The Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild and the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan are pleased to partner with the Regina Farmers Market and Regina Public Library to present, “Stories Under a Living Sky” in celebration of Canadian Multiculturalism Day in June. 

Spoken word poetry and a music performance will contribute to this dynamic and entertaining event, while highlighting and celebrating some of the diverse cultural voices in our province. 

This is a special event. Featured artists are Jolissa Simon, Mirtha Rivera, Nour Albaradan, Mays Al Jamous, Cassia Oddo, Mirabel Bonar, Jinhong Chen and the Andino Suns. 

About our Featured Performers:

Youth Poet’s, Nour Albaradan, Mays Al Jamous, Cassia Oddo, Mirabel Bonar, and Jinhong Chen will all share important work that discusses and celebrates a variety of issues important to youth today. 

Mays Al Jamous and Nour Albaradan came to Canada from Syria 3 years ago. They learned how to share their stories through poetry by taking a Mindful Creative Writing Class at their school, Sheldon Williams Collegiate. They have both shared their poetry in front of their entire school as well as performing at cultural events. In addition, they recently shared their work with the Governor General of Canada during a private luncheon. The piece they will perform today was shared at their school’s Poetry Slam and is about the various circumstances they have gone through and overcome in their young lives. Their pieces is called “Our Evolution.”

Cassia Oddo is a recent graduate from Sheldon William's Collegiate; A place that has been a catalyst for her creative journey thanks to friend and teacher Mrs. McIntyre. The creative writing class became the start for many unique pieces and relationships to help further her work. Cassia's writing is inspired from an array of issues; from mental health to gender stereotypes to diversity, her work aims at shedding perspective on deeper topics. Her hope for every piece shared is the concept that people get whatever they need out of the words spoken. 

Jinhong Chen uses SHE & HER for pronouns. Today she is happy to share her poem with people who are suffering with their mental health and give them support. She wrote this piece to encourage her fellow students to be open-minded and not afraid if they are struggling with a mental health issue. She recently performed this poem at a Poetry Slam at her school, Sheldon-Williams Collegiate.

Mirabel Bonar is very creative and musically talented. She’s 17 and going into her last year of high school She enjoys being goofy and having fun with friends. Today she will be sharing her piece called, “My Little Me” which is about how the voice in your head can be both positive and negative. She hopes this piece will encourage people to be aware of the voice in their head and realize that they can choose whether or not they should or should not listen to that voice.

  Jolissa Simon hails from Regina, SK. By day, she spends most of her time wandering all four corners of Saskatchewan as part of a psychology team delivering services to First Nations schools. She loves artistic and narrative therapy and believes it is a direct highway into one’s soul. By night - all hours of the night - she is a painter and a poet. Her work consists of the two major H’s: heartache and humanity.
  Mirtha Rivera was born in the capital city of Santiago, Chile, where a military coup overthrew the elected national government in 1973. Mirtha came to Saskatchewan as a political refugee with her husband and young son in November 1975. The cold weather didn’t freeze her creative spark, and she continued her organizing work in the Chilean, women’s, and arts communities. She is a singer, musician, writer, political activist, animal-lover, and mother of two grown sons. She and her companera began their relationship in 1989, lobbied for LGBT rights (including the right to marry) before 2005, and married in 2010.
  Andino Suns is a culturally hyphenated band with roots in Canada and Chile. Western Canadian Music Award winners in 2017 for World Artist of the Year, their genre-defying music is steeped in traditional Andean instrumentation and Latin rhythms. A worldview of political activism, hope, and love, underpins their music.

Registration is not required for this event. 

For more information, please contact:
Cat Abenstein, Program Coordinator
T: 306.791.7746 | E: swgevents@skwriter.com

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