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There are several different types of Writers/Artists retreats, which are offered and subsidized through the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild and CARFAC Saskatchewan with funding from Saskatchewan Lotteries, SaskCulture and the Saskatchewan Arts Board.

Attendance at an SWG retreat is a privilege and all applications are subjected to a rigorous juried process. Acceptance is determined by:

  • Quality of Work decided by the writing sample/visual images submitted
  • Creative resume and publication/exhibition history
  • Benefits to be gained from the retreat experience
  • Ability to work independently
  • Project description

NB: A maximum of two weeks of individual retreats and a total of four weeks of retreats per person per year is allowed.

To apply online please go to the retreat application form 

For more information, please contact


Regular SK Writers/Artists Retreats are for established and practicing writers and artists who are able to work independently. Community retreats are held in February, July, and occasionally in June. These are offered for writers and artists from Saskatchewan, other parts of Canada and around the world. Summer and winter retreats are held at St. Peter's Abbey in Muenster. NB: These retreats are not teaching situations, but places where established and practicing writers and artists are expected to work independently.

Please read the Retreat Application Guidelines before submitting your application for any of the retreats.

To apply online please go to the retreat application form.

SUMMER RETREAT: July 3 - July 31, 2015
Deadline for applications: May 15, 2015  at 4:30 pm

FACILITATED RETREAT: November 12 - 15, 2015
Deadline for applications: October 16, 2015 at 4:30 pm

WINTER RETREAT: February 6 - 27, 2015
Deadline for applications: January 12, 2015 at 4:30 pm


Facilitated Retreats offer a shorter retreat period for beginning and emerging writers, who are not yet at a stage in their careers to attend a regular community retreat. An on-site Writer-in-Residence provides guidance and advice for beginning and emerging writers who want a combination of writing time, instruction and feedback. Attendance at a Facilitated Retreat is considered a benefit when applying for a Community Retreat. The Facilitated Retreats are for Saskatchewan resident writers only. Fees are standard for both SWG members and non-members as a way of assisting all writers in the province to get started in their careers.

A three-day November facilitated retreat is offered by SWG  at St. Peter's Abbey. Facilitated Retreat Information

Please read the Facilitated Retreat Guidelines before submitting your application.

To apply online please go to the retreat application form 

Aboriginal Facilitated Writers Retreats

Some facilitated retreats are directed at Aboriginal writers with an Aboriginal Facilitator.These are often held at Spring Valley Guest Ranch in the southwestern part of the province. Click here for more information about the Aboriginal Facilitated Writers Retreats, guidelines and applications.


Individual Retreats are offered year-round for independent writers at St. Peter's Abbey. Individuals may choose a period of time to work on their own outside the regularly scheduled retreats. No more than three individuals can be accommodated at one time. Application should be made at least four weeks before preferred dates, using the application form and requirements for application to St. Peter's Retreats. Fees for Individual Retreats are the same as the current posted St. Peter's retreat fees, pro-rated according to the length of the retreat. Individual retreats are available only to Saskatchewan residents.

NB: The individual retreats are open only to Saskatchewan residents and members of the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild.

To apply online please go to the retreat application form


Rising costs for our facilities means we must adjust fees accordingly. The fees for this year are as follows:

  • SWG and CARFAC members: $350 plus GST
  • Out-of-province members: $560 plus GST
  • Out-of-province non-members: $650 plus GST

Notes on fees: artists are limited to 7 retreat weeks per retreat (funded by CARFAC).

Please send completed applications to: Saskatchewan Writers' Guild, Box 3986, Regina, SK, S4P 3R9. Payments are to be received ONLY upon receipt of acceptance to the retreat.

For more information, please contact

Applicants may apply online
Payments may be made through PayPal
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