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Windscript is the annual magazine of high school writing published by the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild since 1983. The Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild is proud to support the fresh, original work of student writers. We thank, in advance, the teachers and librarians who encourage their students to submit their creations for the upcoming issue.


Call for Submissions

We welcome students to submit creative writing in any and all forms - poetry, prose, and creative non-fiction - for Volume 31 of Windscript.

Please note that as in all writing competitions, these guidelines are very important and must be followed in order for submissions to be accepted.
Submission Guidelines

1. Always keep a copy of your submitted work. Submissions will not be returned.

2. Submit a maximum of six poems. Do not put more than one poem on a page. Prose works must not exceed 1500 words.

3. All work must be original from start to finish. Writers submitting plagiarized work will be banned from Windscript.

4. Type each creative writing piece in 12 pt font, double spaced.

5. Number each page.

6. Put the title on each submission and each page of the maunscript. Do not put your name on the poems or stories themselves as submissions are selected anonymously.

7. Proofread your manuscript.

8. In a Cover Letter, provide the following information:        

Your name, your home phone number, mailing address, and email

The genre of writing you are submitting (fiction, poetry, non-fiction)

The title(s) of your poems or stories

The name, address, and phone number of your school and teacher

  A fifty-word biography written in the third person (if we publish your work, we will use this information, so be creative)



February 16, 2015

Send submissions to


Attach document to the email as a doc, docx, rtf, or txt file. Put Windscript in the subject line.

If email is unavailable submissions can be mailed to:

Mail: Windscript, Box 3986, Regina, SK, S4P 3R9

The Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild is proud to support the fresh, original work of student writers.

We thank, in advance, the teachers and librarians who encourage their students to submit their creations for the upcoming issue.


Current Volume

SWG thanks Houghton Boston of Saskatoon for their generous printing sponsorship of Windscript Volume 30.

Copies are available for $10.50 each (GST inc.) through the SWG office.


Windscript Vol. 30 launch took place at the Unitarian Centre as part of the Cathedral Village Arts Festival. Twenty-seven young writers contributed to Windscript Vol. 30, three of whom were awarded for their creative pieces of writing, and three who were noted as honourable mentions. Eleven students, including the three award recipients (Wyatt Bachman, Jessie Chamberlain, and Amy Baldwin), shared their work with the audience at the launch.

Many thanks go to Sandy Bonny for editing this volume. Thanks to each and every student who sent in their work, and to Saskatchewan's teachers and librarians who encourage student writing.

Windscript Vol. 30 is published in printed form and is available for purchase from the SWG office at $10.50/copy. We hope you enjoy reading the remarkable poetry and stories from the high school students whose works were selected!

Windscript Vol.30 Presenters at the Windscript Launch:
Back (Carter Lovelace, Jessie Chamberlain, Alia Baigent, Wyatt Bachman, Jennifer Kaiswatum, Taliah Lavertu)
Front (Carter Stenberg, Amy Baldwin, Shaheer Saidyer, Jasmine Kumar, Brian Parselelo) 

Congratulations to the 2014 Award Winners!

Jerrett Enns Award for Poetry: Wyatt Bachman
Honourable Mention for Poetry: Alia Aluma-Baigent

Jerrett Enns Award for Prose: Jessie Chamberlain
Honourable Mention for Prose: Josiah Theissen

Currie-Hyland Prize: Amy Baldwin
Currie-Hyland Prize Honourable Mention: Maryl O'Soup


Windscript has been publishing the best of Saskatchewan high school students' literature since 1983. Windscript was created by Victor Jerrett Enns, Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild from 1982 to 1988. His enthusiasm and determination kept the magazine alive in its first two years until permanent funding could be found. For twenty-one years the magazine was distributed free to all high schools and libraries in the province. By 2004 funding sources were no longer available and the print publishing of the magazine was replaced by electronic versions through the Guild’s website. In 2011, due to popular demand from students and teachers, as well as offering it online, the Guild managed to publish this magazine for promising young writers in print form once again. 

Archived Volumes

Windscript Volume 30, 2014

Windscript Volume 29, 2013

Windscript Volume 28, 2012

Windscript Volume 27, 2011

Windscript Volume 26, 2009

Windscript Volume 25, 2008

Windscript Volume 24, 2007

Windscript Volume 23, 2006

Windscript Volume 22, 2005

Windscript Awards

Jerrett Enns Awards

The Jerrett Enns Awards are two awards of excellence for high school student writing in poetry and prose named in honour of Victor Jerrett Enns, Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild from 1982 to 1988. A third award for art was discontinued in 1996. Today, the poetry and prose awards continue to be presented, as well as an Honourable Mention in each category.
Past Recipients:
2011- Alyssa Prudat  (Jerrett Enns Award for Poetry)
2011- Kenton DeJon (Jerrett Enns Award for Prose)
2012- Elliece Ramsey (Jerrett Enns Award for Poetry)
2012- Paige Mitchell (Jerrett Enns Award for Prose)
2013- Amy Baldwin (Jerrett Enns Award for Poetry)
2013- Owen Chevalier (Honourable Mention for Poetry)
2013- Emily Moore (Jerrett Enns Award for Prose)
2013- Natasha Ann Prokopchuk (Honourable Mention for Prose)
2014- Wyatt Bachman (Jerrett Enns Award for Poetry)
2014- Alia Aluma-Baigent (Honourable Mention for Poetry)
2014- Jessie Chamberlain (Jerrett Enns Award for Prose)
2014- Josiah Theissen (Honourable Mention for Prose)

Currie-Hyland Prize

The Currie-Hyland Prize is awarded for excellence in poetry to a high school writer living outside Regina or Saskatoon. This award was established in 1992 by the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild and the literary community of Moose Jaw as a tribute to Robert Currie and Gary Hyland in recognition of the literary excellence they achieved in their many published works and to acknowledge their commitment and generosity to their students and fellow writers.
Past Recipients:
2011- Zane Adam
2012- Sarah J. Houghtaling
2013- Shanae Blaquiere
2013- Jaecy Bells (Honourable Mention)
2014- Amy Baldwin 
2014- Maryl O'Soup (Honourable Mention)

For more information, please contact:

Caelan Reilly
Program Asssistant
Tel: (306) 791-7746

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