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Please Note: Before filling in the application, 1) check the schedule to see if the Poet Laureate is potentially available on the date requested and 2) check the Poet Laureate program information page to ensure that your event is eligible for funding by the Poet Laureate program. 

Yes, I Have Checked the Schedule
Yes, Our Event is Eligible for Funding by the Poet Laureate Program
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What type of event are you holding (e.g. luncheon or dinner, awards ceremony, opening of a community building, festival)?
What is the occasion for your event? Please be specific. *
The Poet Laureate usually gives a talk and a reading and, if applicable, presents awards. Requests for other activities will be considered. What, specifically, do you want the Poet Laureate to do if different from the usual presentation? (Keep in mind that the Poet Laureate does not conduct workshops or write poems on demand.) *
The Poet Laureate's presentation will last for a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of one hour. How long would you like the Poet Laureate's appearance to last? *
How will the Poet Laureate's presence contribute to your event?
How will you promote your event?
How many people do you think will attend?
How did you hear of the Poet Laureate program?


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