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» Aborginal Mentorship Program

Developing Aboriginal writers are eligible to apprentice in the SWG Aboriginal Mentorship program. The developing writer receives the support, guidance, and mentorship of a professional Aboriginal writer. Learn to balance cultural identity and tradition with modern practice in the contemporary literary scene.

What Is It: One-on-one instruction in the craft of creative writing. Because the focus is on artistic development, the apprentice should not expect to have a completed manuscript by the end of the program (although it's a possibility.) And because the program focuses on artistic development, it's possible there will not be a significant amount of new work produced during the mentorship. Instead, the pair will generally work on honing previously written material. Like putting the beadwork on that pair of mittens you’ve been meaning to get to, metaphorically speaking.

What It Isn't: It's not an editorial service. It’s not brain surgery. And it’s not drumming with the Northern Cree Singers. (optional link:

Who Can Apply:
Aboriginal writers in all genres. As mentors, or apprentices. (C’mon. You know you want to!)

How Does It Work:
For the duration of the program, apprentice and mentor stay in weekly contact via e-mail, phone, and face-to-face meetings. When an apprentice and mentor do not live in the same community, at least one face-to-face meeting is required within the first two weeks of beginning the mentorship. Then, you two make the rules.

Is There a Cost: No. There is no cost to apply for this program, no participation fees, and no hidden fees. The mentor is paid by the SWG. And if travel is required, the apprentice’s travel expenses will be covered for the face-to-face meeting. The only cost is your time and effort, and the paybacks are worth it!

We are continually looking for new partnerships and programming opportunities, and will continue to update this page as new programs are initiated. Supporting Aboriginal voices is a priority for the SWG. Suggestions are always welcomed!

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