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Benefits of Professional Writers Organizations

Writing can be a solitary experience for most people, forgetting the world outside the pages or computer screen. Professional writers organizations can be extremely beneficial for writers at all levels. Whether a writer is just starting out or has reached the top of the best-seller lists, these organizations connect individual writers to a wider literary community, they can provide support through workshops and retreats, and can also being an important resource tool.

Some of the benefits of professional writers organizations include:

  • Help build and support the arts community, regionally, provincially, and nationally
  • Often serve as a resource for writers, providing information regarding professional development and information on the craft of writing
  • Advocate for the art and craft of writing and for the rights of members
  • Support for writers
  • Discounted or free access to events, retreats, and workshops
  • Access to financial and legal advice
  • Many writers organizations will provide information on a variety of subjects and information regarding the craft of writing, professional development, and the status of writers within Canada
  • Membership in writers organizations are often tax deductible

Professional Writers Organizations in Canada

There are many different organizations that a Canadian writer can join. Organizations vary in scope, whether national, provincial, or even regional. Some of these organizations include:


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