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Manuscript Evaluations offer an unpublished writer the opportunity to have their latest works reviewed and critiqued by a professional writer. This can be a valuable resource for writers looking to publish their work in the future and can help a writer develop their personal writing skills.

Before looking into a manuscript service, complete a good portion of your work and read over it, editing it yourself. Like presenting your work to a publisher, you want to put your best foot forward; sending in a first draft of your work will not be your best. Remember also that at this point in your writing your manuscript will need to be typed and in a general manuscript format.

Manuscript Evaluation Services are NOT an editing service, and as such your manuscripts will be returned to you unmarked. These services provide comments on story elements such as characterization and believability, on writing technique and pacing, and may include some tips in regards to how best to move forward with your manuscript. Some services also allow the author to ask a select number of specified questions for the evaluator to consider in their reading of the manuscript. These are not publishing contracts, and the evaluators and service-providers typically are not associated with any specific publishing houses. They may offer your suggestions on how to approach having your manuscript published, but they do not guarantee publication.

We provide a Manuscript Evaluation service to any writers in Saskatchewan over the age of nineteen, where their manuscripts are sent to an established Saskatchewan author who works in a similar genre and/or style to the submitted work. Likewise, the Writers’ Union of Canada also runs a Manuscript Evaluation service out of their office in Toronto using the talents of TWUC members across the country. There are also online manuscript evaluations available to writers, each varying in quality.

When submitting your work for evaluation there is most often a fee, which generally is associated with the number of pages or by the number of words. Check the service guide lines to price.

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