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Social Networking is an essential part of the life of a writer. Social networking sites can be a resource for writers to promote their work, events, workshops, to connect with a wider community, and a way to simply share thoughts and ideas.

The world of social networking is vast and can be overwhelming—there are websites geared for more reflective thoughts such as blogging, to the always up-to-date Twitter.

Basic Advice and Tips for Social Networking

While it can feel like much of modern society seems to be driven to constantly update their friends, family, and general acquaintances about every thought they may have and event they participate in.

Here is some advice and tips when taking on the world of social networking:

  • While self-promotion is an essential part of being a successful writer, doing too much or over selling can be very problematic. Balance is the key to life, and this is important when approaching social networking. It is okay to promote your latest work or an upcoming reading you may be doing but telling your Twitter or Facebook followers the exact details of your publishing contract and the horrible cold your endured while writing your book is sharing too much.
  • Blogs and Facebook can be a good way to connect with a wider community and to share ideas and upcoming events; however, being boring or repetitive can cause your followers to lose interest and in turn to lose interest in your work and career
  • Always have a plan. When using social networking sites for marketing and self-promotion you should have a plan and know what you want to get out of the sites. Know what you are selling or promoting, who your audience is, and how best to manipulate social networks to your advantage
  • Frequently update your status and manage your accounts. Make social networking a regular part of your daily or weekly life. As the publishing world rapidly changes and there is less and less money allocated to the promotion of authors, it falls to the writer to network and connect with their audience—social networking online is a key part of this process.


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