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Self-promotion is an essential part of the writing and publishing process. With lowered budgets most writers cannot expect to receive a large amount of aid from their publisher for the promotion of their latest works. To be a successful writer one must be creative both in writing and promotion.

Self-promotion can be difficult for any writer, especially first time writers that have little to no starting point. But by breaking it down, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed.

Promote in the Community
A more in-depth overview of community-based promotion is available here.

It’s important to stay involved in both the literary community and the larger community. This allows you to not only promote specific projects, but to promote yourself as a writer in general. By attending events, doing school readings, and participating in your community, you keep your presence prominent in the minds of the people who might publish, promote, and buy your books.

Another option is contacting local media to draw attention to your most recent work. Television, radio and newspaper interviews or coverage will be important promotional tools as they reach a wide-ranging audience. If you are lucky enough to be invited to appear on TV make sure that you represent yourself in the best possible light. Speak clearly and with expression, relax and have a good time

Promote in Bookstores
A more in-depth explanation of how to get your books into stores is available here.

Promoting your book isn’t just letting people know that you have a book out, but letting them know where they can buy it. While online book sales are growing through sites like and Amazon, bookstores are still around. Getting your books on their shelves may take some literal footwork on your part, but it’s necessary.

You can also take part in events at local bookstores, like Authors for Indies day or Freedom to Read Week events.

Promote on the Internet
A more in-depth overview of developing your web presence is available here.

Traditional promotion methods such as readings, book signings, and book tours are no longer the only way to promote your book. In the current market going online is key. You will want both a social media presence, be it Facebook, Twitter or another social networking site, as well as a website where you can continuously promote yourself and possibly sell your books and literary services.

The most important thing to remember with online marketing, however, is that what happens on the internet stays on the internet forever. Avoid petty squabbles, double check your spelling, and make sure your facts are straight.

Submitting Photos for Print Publications

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Photos being used in a print publication must have a high resolution in order to prevent pixelation. Pixelation is a blurring of a photo due to it being displayed/printed at a size larger than it actually is.

Printing is typically done at 300 dpi, whereas a screen display is 72 dpi. An image with a higher MB file will have a greater dpi. Photos to be printed need to have a much larger file size. The SWG recommends 2 MB or greater. The greater the file size of an image the larger the image can be printed.
How to tell the size of your photos:
On a PC simply hover over the file and the file size info will appear. 
On a MAC press Command + I to display the file size info.

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