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SWG Introduction to Professional Development and the Saskatchewan Arts Professions Act

As of June 1, 2010 the Saskatchewan Government, in conjunction with art industry associations, has established the Arts Professions Act. The Act requires that contracts be used in all transactions between artist and client/engager for services rendered. Required contracts protect both parties and enforce better business practices within the arts sector. The Arts Professions Act also recognizes the artist as a professional by defining “professional artist” and by recognizing the importance of fair compensation within the arts industry.

In promotion of better business practices within the arts community, the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild has developed a Professional Development program, covering contracting, accounting, manuscript formatting, and more. 


Writers and the Arts Professions Act

>  The Arts Professions Act is an important development in promoting and supporting the arts industry, this includes the literary arts.

>  For writers developing and using contracts in each of their daily business activities will insure fair payment not only for written works but also for performances and readings, as well as help to enforce sound business practices and relationships.

> Writers should establish contracts for all business matters relating to their artistic work.

Remember that the Arts Professions Act provides guidelines that are meant to facilitate artists in their business practices; however, these are only guidelines and writers are encouraged to seek legal and financial advice from qualified lawyers and accountants should they be required.

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