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All information about the SWG/CARFAC organized retreats can be found on the Retreats pages.

We offer retreats during the summer and winter at St. Peters' Abbey.

Facilitated Retreats are held in November at St. Peters' Abbey. We also offer individual retreats.

The application page can be found here. Please view the application guidelines before submitting an application.

Payments for Facilitated Retreats, Member Retreat fees, and Non-Member Retreat fees can be paid using the corresponding drop down menu below.

Facilitated Retreats

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CARFAC/SWG Members: 

NOTE: The two-week option for In-province members is currently not working. We are working with PayPal to rectify the situation. Please try again in a few days, or call us at 306.791.7740 to pay by credit card if you are a member in Saskatchewan trying to pay for 2 weeks. All other payment options currently work.

Retreats & Workshops
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Retreats & Workshops
Other Instructions

For More Information:

Contact the Retreat Coordinator at, or the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild at or 306.791.7740.

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