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Privacy policy: None of the information on the form is at any time public without your permission; all the information is kept confidential at the SWG office.

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 Note: those in financial difficulties may apply by letter to have fees waived; all requests will be kept confidential.
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Privacy Information

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Writing Level
  • Beginning: just starting to write; may have undertaken a few studies in the craft of writing (e.g. read books on the craft or attended a workshop)
  • Developing: further studies in the craft of writing; may have some publications/broadcasts/performances
  • Emerging: up to one book published (or equivalent in other forms)
  • Established Professional: two or more books or many serial publications (or equivalent in other forms)
Reason(s) for joining the SWG
  To keep up with what's happening in the Saskatchewan writing community
To be part of the writing community
To learn more about writing
To expand my influence on public policy and other issues of concern to writers
To qualify for writers group funding
To qualify for the member rate when participating in SWG programs
To express my personal commitment to writing
To get information on writing opportunities and markets
I discovered SWG through
  A member
Membership drive
Attending a workshop, conference or writing event
Media article or ad
Online Search
Volunteering is a great way to meet other members of the SWG and to make new friends. If you can spare some time, we'd love to have your help. If you would like to volunteer, what sort of help would you be interested in.
  Office work (filing, organizing, stuffing, data entry)
IT (Information Technology)
Hosting Events
Chauffeuring authors
Helping at events
Sitting on committees
Photographic/Images/Voice Permission
By becoming a member of the SWG, you automatically agree to allow the SWG photographers and/or videographers to photograph or videotape you and otherwise capture your image to make recordings of your voice for use in various SWG communications, including print media, website, electronic photographs/video, newsletters, annual report and other promotional materials. Group photographs taken at SWG events may be used without identifying individual members.Withdrawal of consent may be made upon written notice to the SWG Administration. SWG respects and acknowledges protocols of our culturally diverse members.
Consent to Contact
I hereby consent to the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild sending me electronic bulletins, calls of interest, invitations, and event notices. I understand that I can unsubscribe from receiving such materials at any time.
I do not wish to receive electronic communications from the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild.


Please Note: New memberships are not active until payment is received.
Please see here for information on how to pay.

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