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Call for Nominations: Hyland Volunteer Award

Deadline Extended to SEPT 30, 2014 

Do you know an SWG member who deserves recognition for exceptional volunteerism?  Some tireless, dedicated, hard-working writer in our midst who has provided outstanding service to the literary community for at least five years? Now’s your chance to give these unsung heroes, the literary glue that holds us all together, a modicum of glory and gratitude for their dedication: we are accepting nominations for the 2014 Hyland Award until September 30, 2014. A brief form and nomination letter are required, outlining contributions to the writing community at a local, provincial, or national level. Winners will be recognized at the October AGM with great pomp and circumstance — and a really spiffy pen, too!

2014 Hyland Award Nomination Form

This award has been established to recognize the many achievements of Saskatchewan Writers' Guild members through their volunteer support of the Saskatchewan literary community.

Proposed Recipient

Name  _______________________________________________________________

Address  _____________________________________________________________

Postal Code ___________________________ Phone Number ___________________

Nominating Member

Name  _______________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________

Postal Code ________________________ Phone Number ______________________


  • The recipient must be an SWG member and a resident of the province.
  • Recognition is for volunteer contributions made within the writing community on a local, provincial, or national level.
  • The recipient must be a volunteer in the writing community for a minimum period of five years.
  • The Hyland Award recipient must have provided outstanding service to the growth and development of the Writers Guild and the writing community. In a letter (maximum three pages), the nominating Guild member should provide the following information:
  • the particular role played by the recipient in the SWG
  • the impact of the contribution on the growth and development of the Guild and the writing community.
  • A maximum of two awards will be presented in any year. No award will be presented should the Board decide that a recipient cannot be selected from the nominations put forth.
  • Awards will not be made posthumously.
  • Selections should be popular in the sense that they reflect the membership’s aims and ideals and elicit its input and support. They should also be prestigious, recognizing excellence, achievement, and outstanding contributions to the organization.

Nomination Letter

Nominators are asked to submit a letter as well as the prepared nomination form. This letter should include a description of the nominee's involvement in the Writers Guild or the writing community. The description should be as complete as possible, since it will used as the basis for the nomination.

The letter should include the following:

  • the particular role played by the recipient in the SWG.
  • the impact of the contribution on the growth and development of the Guild and the writing community.

Applications should be typed.


Please note that applications must be postmarked by Tuesday September 30, 2014.

Submit nominations to the SWG Regina Office:

Saskatchewan Writers' Guild
Box 3986
Regina, SK  S4P 3R9

The Award

The Hyland Award will consist of a pen and a certificate. The Hyland Volunteer Leadership Award will be presented at the Annual General Meeting of the SWG

Selection Criteria: Volunteer Leadership Award

The SWG Board will consider the following areas/topics when selecting the Hyland Award recipient.

1. Personal Background

  • years in the writing community in Saskatchewan
  • evidence or examples of a general commitment to writers and the writing community.

2.   Growth of Interest

  • specific groups/committees in the writing community that he/she is involved with
  • examples of how his/her influence and leadership made the "difference" needed to expand or begin new activities
  • length of time as a volunteer
  • special skills or qualities that make him/her effective
  • special achievements or projects that are of particular note.

Previous Winners of the Hyland Award (previously the Volunteer Leadership Award)

Brenda Baker
Byrna Barclay
Sharon Butala
Robert Calder
Robert Currie
Regine Haensel
Gerald Hill
Gary Hyland
William Klebeck
Pat Krause
Alison Lohans
Dave Margoshes
Judy McCrosky
Ken Mitchell
Brenda Niskala
James Romanow

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