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A FREE series of writing workshops presented by the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild (SWG) and the 2014 North American Indigenous Games (NAIG), facilitated by Samantha Racette. All workshops will take place in the SWG tipi in the Cultural Village at the NAIG.

July 21 - 26 from 11am to 5pm every day

Workshops are open to all ages. Drop-ins welcome.



Sharing of the Self: 11am to 12pm

This workshop is about participants opening up to others and sharing a fun story about themselves. Similar to a sharing circle, participants will share and experience a healing. They will be given the option to write down their story. By opening up in a positive way and returning to the oral traditions, we can create a new world and begin to express ourselves freely.


Writing Traditional Stories from a Different POV: 12:15pm to 1:15pm

Participants will listen to a local traditional story. They will then be given a paper and pencil to write from the point of view of one character in the story. E.g. Creation stories include the eagle and the buffalo, so the POV will be from one of the animals. This process allows for individual understanding, creativity and imagery to come out through their own works while also gaining skills on the storytelling or writing avenue.


Missing Person: 1:30pm to 2:30pm

From a list of Canada’s missing Indigenous women, the facilitator will choose a name. Participants will make missing persons posters for the missing Indigenous woman. This workshop is to bring about awareness of the missing Indigenous women in Canada and will be used with sensitivity. Afterwards the posters will be hung on the inside of the tipi (outside if weather permits).


Describe a First: 2:45pm to 3:45pm

The facilitator will tell a “First” story of their own experience and ask the participants to write their own on paper. This could be their first kiss, first bike, first day of school, etc. Participants will be given the option to share their story towards the end of the workshop, which encourages and empowers the participants to get creative and out of their comfort zone.


Stories on the Spot: 4pm to 5pm

This is a filmed event. Participants will begin with a story circle where everyone takes a turn adding to the story that’s been initiated by the facilitator. The group of participants will choose a theme for their story and form a line, where one by one they will move into the eye of the camera and add their own piece to the story. It’s about finding the participant’s creative muse. At the end of the week, a short film will be created and posted on the NAIG and SWG website for all to view. An email will be sent out to the participants once it is posted online.


For more information please contact the Program Assistant, Caelan Reilly, at swgevents@skwriter.com or call 306-791-7746.

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