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Wanted: Writer-in-Residence for November 2013 Facilitated Retreat

Due to the lateness of the call and the summer season the SWG is extending the deadline of the Writer-In-Residence to Sept. 4, 2103.

The Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild is seeking a Writer-In-Residence (WIR) for the annual Facilitated Retreat at St. Peter’s Abbey in the fall. The Writer in Residence will give a talk on an aspect of writing as reflected by the needs of the participants. The WIR will also meet one on one with each of a maximum of twelve participants for a total of one hour to give them specific feedback on their writing and/or answers to their writing-related questions. The WIR is expected to be available for informal discussion with participants during meals and at other times for a minimum of seven hours over the course of the retreat. The object of the Facilitated Retreat is to encourage and offer advice to participants. 

The Facilitated Retreat will take place at St. Peter’s Abbey, Muenster, from November 7 to 10 2013, with arrival the evening of Thursday, November 7 and departure after lunch on Sunday, November 10. Payment is $1300 (plus GST if required). Private room and meals are provided, but the Writer In Residence is responsible for their own transportation to and from the facility. If the retreat does not go ahead as planned because of lack of registration or other reasons, no fee will be paid. A complete job description is available upon request. Previous Writers In Residence should allow five years before re-applying for this position. 
Experience in a teaching or mentoring situation with beginning writers in different genres
An extensive publication history, including at least one book
To apply, please submit your CV, the names and phone numbers of two people familiar with your teaching/mentoring ability, and one or two paragraphs describing your approach to teaching/mentoring writers. Preference will be given to Saskatchewan residents.
Please contact Shelley Banks Retreat Coordinator, at skretreats@skwriter.com with any questions about the contract position. Send your application to the SWG office made to the attention of the Retreat Coordinator, Box 3986, Regina, SK, S4P 3R9. Deadline for receipt of applications for this contract position is 4:30 p.m. Wednesday Sept. 4, 2013.


Job Description:

The Writer-In-Residence is responsible for the smooth functioning of the retreat for the benefit of all participants. Duties and responsibilities include:    

    An introductory talk to participants on the process of writing as reflected by the needs of the participants

    One hour of one on one discussion (or two half hour sessions) with each participant for feedback on their writing and/or answers to their writing-related questions.
    Informal discussion with participants at mealtimes and in the evenings.

    Reviewing and editing existing materials to reflect your approach and providing an introductory letter to participants outlining any materials they may need as well as your approach/method of instruction for the retreat.

    On-site duties also include:
a)     arriving at site prior to check-in time to have time to prepare for participants arrival;
b)    ensuring that a survey of participants is completed and returned to the SWG office for review. Copies of this survey will be sent to you

    Preparation of a final report, due at the Saskatchewan Writer’s Guild Office no later than 4:30 p.m., November 30. Included with this final report will be copies of the participant survey, attached to the report, as well as an invoice for the final portion of your fee.

As a representative of the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild, you will be expected to perform your responsibilities in a friendly, tolerant and professional manner, mindful of the diversity in skill, ethnicity, orientation and beliefs of participants. As the facilitating Writer-in-Residence, you will be responsible for overseeing the participants retreat experience, ensuring they maintain a respectful attitude as guests at St. Peter’s.

You will report directly to Tracy Hamon, Program Manager of the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild and liaise with and Shelley Banks, Retreat Coordinator. You will carry out your duties primarily on-site at the retreat location and from your own office.

You will be paid a total of $1,300 for this work upon receipt of invoices. Meals and accommodation are included; however, you will be responsible for your own transportation costs. Telephone costs, supplies, and miscellaneous expenses will be your responsibility.

1)    $500 on receipt in the office of the signed Memorandum of Understanding
2)    $800 on the receipt of your final report.


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