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Book Trailers: “Watch it before you read it!”

with Don List

April 9 at 7:00—9:30 p.m.
Where: SWG Regina office: Suite 100, 1150-8th Avenue, Regina, SK
Fees: $35 for SWG members; $45 for non-members

To introduce writers to the use of video to promote book sales and publishing activity.
This workshop focuses on the production of book trailers as a means to promote books on the Internet. The two and a half hour session traces the steps to develop, produce and launch book trailers on social media platforms.
Several book trailers will be dissected and used to discuss communication objectives and production logistics involved in producing the videos. Cost-effective production techniques will be discussed and participants will be encouraged to develop their own book trailer concepts. “Tech talk” is limited to basic camera and editing technique, setting up a  YouTube channel and uploading videos to the Internet.

Instructor bio:

Donald A. List is a founding partner and president of Birdsong. He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science and Film at the University of Regina in 1975 and for the next ten years, developed his skills as a documentary filmmaker with the National Film Board of Canada. During that era he was a founder of the Saskatchewan Filmpool Co-operative and the founding president of the Saskatchewan Motion Picture Industry Association.

Under Donald's direction, Birdsong has produced numerous documentaries across Europe and North and South America for national television broadcast; episodic programs for Educational television, and corporate and educational programming for non-theatrical audiences. He has drama credits, but his primary focus and love is in arts and entertainment programming.

His recent television documentaries have been on a Cuban music tour, a community arts project in Grasslands National Park and a music documentary on the last days of the Plains Hotel in Regina. With over a twenty concert and performing arts DVD, numerable music videos and one record album under his belt, Donald is constantly on the lookout for fresh new ideas from developing young artists, musicians and filmmakers.

List is no stranger to the media industry in Western Canada and has played a key role in the development of motion picture policy and the growth of the not-for-profit arts and cultural community. He considers himself to be a lifelong learner with a strong commitment to the arts and sustainable community development. His past board and executive appointments have been with the Conexus Arts Centre, Film Classification Appeal Board, Saskatchewan CTV Program Development Fund, Regina Arts Commission, Common Weal Community Arts Inc., Sask Sports Cultural Advisory Committee, New Media Industry Advisory Committee for SIAST and Blue Sky Cultural Connections Inc.

* * *
To register for this workshop, please fill out and submit the registration form by email to swgevents@skwriter.com or by fax to (306) 565-8554.

For more information about the workshop, please contact SWG Program Assistant Milena Dzordeski at swgevents@skwriter.com or (306) 791-7746. 


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