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Aboriginal Program Assistant

The Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild has been fortunate in receiving funding support from Service Canada towards hiring a student through the Canada Summer Jobs Program. We are accepting applications for an Aboriginal Program Assistant to work 30 hours per week for a 12 week summer term position at $12 per hour, commencing May 28, 2012.

The successful applicant will be responsible for assisting the Aboriginal Program Coordinator in developing aspects of programming for Aboriginal writers, including the research and maintenance of databases of Aboriginal writers, Aboriginal writing web resources, SK-Canada-International connections with other groups with similar mandates to SWG. The assistant will also aid in writing grant and funding applications for fall 2012 and winter/spring 2013 programming, be responsible for inter-office and online filing and organization, attend constituency meetings, manage Facebook, Twitter and other social media postings, and help coordinate and facilitate a variety of programs, such as Aboriginal History Month activities, a writing retreat, and youth workshops.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be between 15 and 30 years of age at the start of the employment; (preference given to university students, particularly those in Indian Communication Arts, Administration, English, or Journalism studies)
  • Have been registered as full-time students in the previous academic year and intend to return to school on a full-time basis in the next academic year;
  • Be Canadian citizens, permanent residents or persons to whom refugee protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act; and (preference given to Saskatchewan residents)
  • Be legally entitled to work in Canada in accordance with relevant provincial/territorial legislation and regulations.

The Aboriginal Program Assistant will be assisting the Aboriginal Program Coordinator to do the following:

  • Help with the summer Aboriginal Writers retreat, Youth workshops and other events, such as Aboriginal Day, Aboriginal History Month and the Anskohk Writers Festival
  • Help manage and organize inter-office and online filing
  • Prepare grant and funding applications for fall 2012 and winter/spring 2013 programming
  • Help coordinate a monthly writers’ group
  • Manage Facebook, Twitter postings and other social media, and moderate Aboriginal Writers’ Online Forum
  • Assist at meetings of the SWG Aboriginal Advisory Circle
  • Help research a resource database of Aboriginal writers, Aboriginal writing web resources, SK-Canada-International literary organizations
  • Help establish connections with other groups with similar mandates to SWG  to collaborate or produce similar successful events
  • Attend forums with the Aboriginal constituency regarding programming
  • Network with First Nation and Métis communities
  • Network with agencies, organizations and establish liaisons and partnerships
  • Research sources for funding for Aboriginal writing programs and activities
  • Connect with Aboriginal writers provincially and nationally
  • Create and maintain a databases to facilitate operating SWG’s Aboriginal programming
  • Assist with creating workshops, programs and events, including national events
  • Research potential markets and information on the business of writing for Aboriginal participants
  • Assist in determining cultural awareness protocols and connections to implement Aboriginal programming
  • Research current writing programs and services in Saskatchewan that serve Aboriginal people
  • Work with SWG programming team
  • Write and distribute materials for related documentations
  • Assist in preparation of reports and documents as requested by SWG’s funding agencies

  • Awareness of First Nations & Métis cultures and languages
  • Knowledge of Aboriginal literature and publishing is an asset
  • Strong background with Aboriginal artistic communities and community development resources
  • Familiarity with writing programs and events throughout Saskatchewan
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Independent worked and team player
  • Education and/or experience in writing and the arts
  • Working knowledge of basic computer skills and Office suite, including Word, and Excel.
  • Quick and efficient in work habits
  • Experience in developing cultural programming
  • Familiarity with social media (Facebook, Twitter and online forums)
  • Experience with research and collection of data
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Experience in organizing meetings and holding forums

Salary & Hours:

  • $12/hour, 30 hours per week for 12 weeks, commencing May 28, 2012.

Please send your résumé and a cover letter with references to info@skwriter.com. Or mail to Box 3986, Regina, SK S4P 3R9. Courier and drop-off applications may be brought to 1150-8th Avenue, Regina. Deadline for receipt of applications is May 23, 4:30 pm.

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