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Rod MacIntyre
PO Box 2241
La Ronge SK  S0E 1L0

306-425-3736 (home)


  • In 1983 Rod quit driving cab, bought a computer and committed to full-time writing. Although he once worked as an actor and director, he is now primarily a fiction writer and editor. He travels extensively performing readings and presenting workshops. He was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1947 and makes his home in La Ronge with his partner Sharyn. He holds an Honours BA, English and Sociology, University of Saskatchewan, 1970.

    [/BPublished Works]
    Apart, Groundwood, ‘07
    Feeding at Nine, Thistledown, ‘06
    Revved, Thistledown, ‘02.
    Up All Night, (editor), Thistledown, ‘01.
    The Crying Jesus, Thistledown, ‘97.
    Takes, (editor), Thistledown, ‘96.
    The Blue Camaro, Thistledown, ‘94.
    Yuletide Blues, Thistledown, ‘91.
    Anthologized in The Blue Jean Collection, Opening Tricks, What is Already Known and 200% Cracked Wheat published by Thistledown and Coteau Presses respectively; also various educational anthologies and the CBC.

    The Rink, Cinépost, (Teleplay) Saskatoon, ‘97.
    Blue Zone, 25th Street Theatre, Saskatoon, ‘96.
    Harvest Moon, Station Arts Centre, Rosthern, ‘91-93.
    Nice Guy, 25th Street Theatre, Saskatoon, ‘91.
    Toy Boat, CBC, (Teleplay) Regina, ‘87.

    “The Rink” Vicky Metcalf Short Story Award, ‘93.
    The Sins of St. Genesius, (a.k.a. Blue Zone, a play) won the Saskatchewan Writers Guild Literary (Long Manuscript) Award, ‘93.
    Takes, 1996 Saskatchewan Book Award for Best Educational Book, and 1997 Canadian Librarian Association Young Adult Book of the Year.
    The Crying Jesus the Saskatchewan Book Award’s Saskatoon Book of the Year, 98.
    Rod received a Saskatchewan Centennial Medal 2005 for his contribution to the arts.
    Feeding at Nine, 2007, Saskatchewan Book Awards.

    Other Memberships
    Among his professional memberships are the Canadian Society of Children’s Authors, Illustrators and Performers (CANSCAIP), the Writers Union of Canada (TWUC) the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre (SPC), the Saskatchewan Writers Guild (SWG), The Writers Guild of Canada (WGC) (and he was a founding member of the Guild of Canadian Playwrights -- now Playwrights Union of Canada, PUC).

    Available For
    Readings: grades four and up; any number. Readings are part story-telling (Why am I a writer?) part stand-up, part Q & A, and part actual reading.
    Workshops: grades six and up; restricted to number of writing spaces. Ask that groups be age-homogenous. Workshop is technical but interactive focusing on Essential Parts of Story.


  • Fiction » Children's Writing—Young Adult, General
  • Scriptwriting » Stage, Television

Professional Services

  • Editing » Developmental/Project Editing, Substantive/Structural Editing


  • Apart. Groundwood, 2008
  • Feeding At Nine. Thistledown, 2007
  • Revved. Thistledown, 2002
  • The Crying Jesus. Thistledown, 1997
  • Blue Camaro. Thistledown, 1993
  • Yuletide Blues. Thistledown, 1991

Workshops Offered

  • Essential Parts of Story
    • Group Size:
      • 5-25
      Character is an absolutely essential component of story telling—no character, no story. Even in everyday speech, the term “character” has special meaning for us, as in “uncle Joe’s such a character.” And when we say that, we do mean people who are special to us for some reason or other. They are distinctive: they stand out.
      Interestingly, I think that “real-life” characters, like uncle Joe, exist for the same reasons as fictional characters. They have made choices in their lives—usually a
  • Writing the Epistolary
    • Group Size:
      • 5-25
      Letters often tell a story. This workshop presents a method to team write this process. Goal oriented, intensive.

Audience Age Groups

    • Adults
    • Secondary School (10-12)
    • Middle School (6-9)
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