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Delila Jahn-Thue
Box 146
Lake Alma SK  S0C 1M0

306-447-4601 (3064474601)
306-447-4601 (3064474601)
306-447-4601 (3064474601)


  • Delila Jahn-Thue is a teacher, columnist: Living from The Farm and author of Advice Between Kingdoms - How the Hays Moved Trash Mountain (Balboa Press 2012).

    She is involved in ecological causes including farmers' rights, water quality and creating rural recycling opportunities. Passionate about the land, Delila travels to communities and schools sharing awareness of how our daily actions affect the land that feeds us.

    Although Advice Between Kingdoms is an ecological fairy tale written in rhyming verse it is not your one-sitting story book. It is a condensed text book of farm history, an entire unit's worth of study for children from 3-99 years of age.
    The fairy tale is very political, says Jahn-Thue, It is about commercialism, consumerism and whatever it is we're chasing in North America. It's also about change and the magic required to wake from ecological slumber.

    Q: What's to celebrate this Earth Day?
    A: Everything is Connected!
    Start your Earth Day celebrations with an environmental revolution.

    Earth Day isn't an annual holiday. Earth Day is an opportunity to become ecologically conscious and allow awareness to transform life on earth. Ecologically aware lifestyles are revolutionary.
    Everything is Connected is a one-woman show connecting us to ecological science so that concepts already taught in school (the water cycle and food web) meet agricultural practices and household waste management.
    While leading participants through the labyrinth of our interconnected existence, this one hour interactive presentation asks important questions:
    - Who is in charge of the great cycles of life?
    - What does nature do for us?
    - What do land stewardship and responsibility mean?
    - How can we protect nature and ourselves?
    After a fun game illustrating the ease and speed of household recycling, the presentation leaves participants with a list of challenges to help ecologically sound concepts to find their way into transformative action plans and promote lasting change.

    Jahn-Thue has also been published in:
    Grain Volume 19, Number One Spring 1991
    ARIEL - A Review of International English Literature Volume 23 Number 2, April 1992 University of Calgary
    Transition - Barclay Prize for Fiction [Winter 1996) Canadian Mental Health Association in Saskatchewan
    Estevan Lifestyles Publications [Best Business Story


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Audience Age Groups

    • Adults
    • Secondary School (10-12)
    • Middle School (6-9)
    • Elementary School (K-5)
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