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Lori Glier


    Lori Glier lives in Regina , Saskatchewan Canada, and is a Mother of two teenagers a boy and girl.
    She has varied comprehensive history in the Arts including :Painting and Ceramics, Mask Making, Theatrical Audible Landscaping, Costume Design, she has taken workshops with Documentary Filmmaker Steve Suderman, for the Saskatchewan Canada Film Pool.
    Lori enjoys painting & writing arts that inspire her Authentic creative self, and has entered many arts and writing completions. She has been on a discovery through Authenticity for the last 13 years. Now she is ready and available to create Productions, Articles, Workshops, Retreats, Events. Her focus is on Authenticity Canada.
    This is her first publication by Wascana Writers Words On The Wings
    A Sunflower Siesta was her first Art Show with three generations.
    Some of her work has gone missing and was sent to Sir Richard Branson , and Donald Trump.
    Buckingham Palace has had her work for review and was sent back with an official letter.During the Queen's Golden Jubilee.
    Currently her costume with photo is at the Globe Theatre in Regina , Saskatchewan, and then will go to the Regina Dunlop Art Gallery.She was in a program called Photographing Your Alter Ego.
    Lori's art work won Honourable Mention with the contest Two Heart Beats
    At the Regina Dunlop Art Gallery.
    March 2013 Lori wrote an article for the Saskatchewan Writers Guild for Talking Fresh 11, and the Presenters where: Kimmy Beach, Chrystene Ells, Joel Thomas Hynes, & Noah Richler.
    Lori has been the Top Commenter on Richard Branson's Blogs commenting on blogs of many Global issues business and various topics.
    Also Top Commentor on Tom Cruise Sites.
    Lori was published and commented on Forbes :Matthew Herbers Article, and Gawker : Matthew Ingrams Article.


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