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Susan Harris
Box 237
Melville SK  S0A 2P0

306-760-1297 (office)
306-698-7246 (cell)


  • Susan Harris is the author of the Little Copper Pennies Series on the retired Canadian penny, and Golden Apples in Silver Settings. She is also a former teacher, and speaker. Susan obtained her B. Sc. in Management Studies from the University of the West Indies, and then completed a post graduate Diploma in Education. She went on to earn a Certificate in Theology from the West Indies School of Theology, and a Certificate in Writing from the Institute of Literature in Connecticut. As a professional, Susan holds the designation of Certified Human Resources Professional. Born in the island of Trinidad, Susan lives in Melville, Saskatchewan with her husband, daughter and larger than life cat, Smokey.

    Little Copper Pennies for Kids is a tribute to the soon-to-be-retired Canadian penny. When a young girl finds a lucky penny in the park, her grandpa tells her the penny is no longer lucky as it cannot do what it once used to. He then tells her stories of when a penny had power and captures its history and uses over its 155 years.
    Vivid illustrations conjure memories of pennies in a fountain, in a cake, for a pony ride, the tooth fairy and much more. The power of pennies is poignantly captured as they team up in a tug-of-war of heads against tails. Alongside the brilliant scenes are facts and fun uses of the penny.
    Though the little coin no longer has value as a currency, its significance lies in the meaning it brings to daily living, language and learning. Out of sight should not mean out of mind for the penny.

    Little Copper Pennies: Celebrating the life of the Canadian one-cent piece (1858-2013) is a general reader for adults and older students. It is laughable for many of us to imagine that we could buy a pony ride, ten minutes of parking time, three jawbreakers or perform repairs with a penny. We can't imagine it, but many of our older generation can. In fact, they do not have to imagine. They remember.

    Drawing on her experiences, interviews and research, Harris recounts stories of the Canadian penny that are both heartwarmingly nostalgic and pragmatic. little copper pennies portrays adventures of the soon-to-be-eliminated coin and its once-upon-a-time worth in trade and pastimes.

    You'll be moved by the stories, conveyed to the past, and inspired to appreciate the penny through new eyes.


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