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Brent Loehr


  • Brent Loehr, from Muenster, works in the education field and is a published writer.

    He played college baseball in the U.S. (North Dakota) where he earned an education degree focusing on English, Physical Education, and Coaching. He later completed a Diploma in Writing at St. Peter's College and a Postgraduate Certificate in Writing from the Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning. He is currently enrolled in a master's program through the University of Gloucestershire (Cheltenham, England) and is working on drafts of a YA novel.

    Brent traveled the globe extensively with the sport of baseball on summer trips as an Envoy Coach for Major League Baseball International (Europe and Africa). He has also coached locally, provincially, and nationally with age levels ranging from the initiation Rally Cap program all the way up to Team Saskatchewan.

    After starting a family Brent stayed closer to home with his wife Melissa and young daughters Sarah and Leia. During this time he also focused on another passion: the craft of writing.

    Previously, Brent was awarded a spot in the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild Mentorship Program and was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with professional editor Ted Dyck. A number of stories have been written by Brent on his experiences with the game of baseball and have appeared in magazines across the country including Prairies North, Swedish Press, The Society, Transition, Westworld, Going Places, and The Canadian Baseball Network (online).

    An anthology of essays about remarkable people, places, and events he encountered through baseball were published in June of 2015. The Global Baseball Classroom: Reflections Beyond Home is available worldwide as a trade paperback and eBook from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other retailers.

    During his work with the Humber School for Writers Brent worked with acclaimed author Richard Scrimger.

    Brent also enjoys rock music. A story he wrote about Todd Kerns (bass guitarist for Slash) was published in Canadian Musician.


  • Non-Fiction » Memoir


  • The Global Baseball Classroom. Summer Game Books, 2015
  • Following Terry Puhl. The Canadian Baseball Network (online), 2012
  • On the Rocks in Hudson Bay. Going Places, 2012
  • On the Rocks in Hudson Bay. Westworld, 2012
  • The Africa Diaries (an excerpt). The Society (online), 2012
  • Todd Kerns: Preparation Meets Opportunity. Canadian Musician, 2012
  • Strange Animal. Transition, 2011
  • The Swedish Chef. Swedish Press, 2011
  • Just a Ball. Prairies North, 2010
  • My One and Only Skip. The Society, 2011
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