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Sandy Bonny


  • Sandy Marie Bonny is a Saskatoon-based writer and visual artist with an academic background in earth science.

    Her short fiction has appeared in literary journals and anthologies, including Coming Attractions 11 (Oberon Press), which features three stories from each of three up-and-coming Canadian writers—writers who are talented and topical and who reassure me verily about the firecracker future of the short story - Mark Anthony Jarman (editor).

    Her debut short story collection, The Sometimes Lake, was published in 2012 (Thistledown Press), includes a CBC Fiction Award-winning story, and was shortlisted for a Saskatchewan First Book Award.

    Her first novel, Yes, and Back Again, (fall 2015, Thistledown Press) twins historical and contemporary plotlines to explore the marginalisation of women, and Aboriginal cultures, through a century of urbanisation, resistance, and renewal - A compellingly written story of vanished narratives... part homage to place and part social criticism, Bonny’s novel gracefully unsettles — Jenna Butler

    She is at work on several new projects, including a second novel; short stories; and an interdisciplinary colletion of essays, A Listening Earth, forthcoming from TrueHeart Press (2016).


    "There is no telling what her characters might do, but she tells it and tells it well!"
    Bill Robertson, Star Phoenix

    "Fans of contemporary short fiction should certainly be interested in The Sometimes Lake—a fine balance of profound humanity interacting with the wonders of the world.”
    Chad Pelley, The Telegraph Journal

    "At some point in middle school, I learned that there were two halves — two hemispheres — to my brain. The right was in charge of creative, emotional, and innovative thinking. The left was in charge of rational and logical thinking. I was contemplating this type of dominant-hemisphere assessment after Sandy Bonny appeared as a guest in Creative Writing Seeds, because she delightfully disrupts this theory in every way! In her writing, her facilitation, and as a teacher of creative writers, she encourages us to see that science and stories exist in all things."
    Elyn Achtymichuk, B.A., M.A., teacher


  • Fiction » Literary
  • Non-Fiction » General Non-Fiction

Professional Services

  • Editing » Developmental/Project Editing, Manuscript Critiquing (Not Editing), Web-based/Online Editing
  • Genre Writing » Literary/Creative Fiction
  • Lecturing/Public Speaking » Special Events
  • Teaching/Instruction » Professional Development Workshops


  • A Listening Earth. TrueHeart Press (Oxford) (forthcoming), 2016
  • Yes, and Back Again. Thistledown Press, 2015
  • The Sometimes Lake. Thistledown Press, 2012
  • Coming Attractions 11 (Mark Anthony Jarman, Editor). OBERON PRESS, 2011
  • The Shape of Content; An Anthology of Creative Writing in Mathematics and Science (M. Chandler, M. Senechal, J. Zwicky, Eds.). AK Peters Press, 2008


  » Newspaper, Magazine, & Trade Journal
  • enRoute Magazine

Broadcast Works

  • Between the Covers/Richardson's Roundup, CBC Radio One, 2002
    • Abridged radio transcript of award-winning short story, 'mandala', by Sandy Marie Bonny

Workshops Offered

  • [B]Dirty ArtóMake & Paint[/B]
    • Group Size:
      • 6-20
      age 6-12 > what do soil colour and texture tell us about the environment where the soil came from? Using a milk-based binder, we'll create 'dirty' art that reflects our understanding of Earth and environment
      ages 12+ > kicking the kids' activity into high gear, we'll explore the artistic and narrative potential of local earth pigments
  • [B]Is it Really Over?[/B]
    • Group Size:
      • 6-20
      ages 12+ - find the right ending to that story that has just never felt done - a combination of facilitated writing exercises, group discussion and independent editing time
  • [B]The Three Rules of Storytelling... it's Science![/B]
    • Group Size:
      • 10-30
      age 6-12 > facilitated writing exercises - how to create meaning from observation using deductive clues

      ages 12+> lecture and facilitated writing workshop - supporting your story with observation, constructive logic, and internal consistency

Audience Age Groups

    • Adults
    • Secondary School (10-12)
    • Middle School (6-9)
    • Elementary School (K-5)
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