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Suzanne Paschall
610 Rusholme Rd
Saskatoon SK  S7L 0G7

306-664-2723 (home-office)


  • Suzanne is a veteran award-winning writer, who has published hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles, film scripts, short fiction, and music in Canada and the United States over the past 30 years. In December, 2009, she published her first non-fiction book on Saskatchewan entrepreneurs, titled Birth of a Boom.

    Her dual interests in the arts and business have led her toward interviewing celebrities in both arenas over her career, making her a confident and experienced interviewer. She has profiled business magnates such as George Cohon, president of McDonalds Canada Inc. and Sonya Bata, vice president marketing, Bata Shoes; and has written on subjects as far-ranging as adoption (for which she won a Kansas Bar Association Media Award in 1980); inner city racial conflict on Washington’s Capitol Hill; Canadian medical breakthroughs and great works of art (the discovery and eventual first performance of the Ernani Paraphrase by Franz Liszt). She’s also interviewed and written about heads of state like Ian Smith (former President of Rhodesia); American movie star turned diplomat Shirley Temple Black; and former NBC newswoman Jessica Savitch.

    While pursuing a master’s degree in adult education from the University of Calgary (2000), Suzanne chose to write her thesis on women entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan who were engaging in a non-conventional entrepreneurial business model borrowed from the African tribal philosophy of “ubuntu”.

    The connection between art and business is a very natural one for Suzanne—she is herself a small business entrepreneur, and a working jazz musician and award-winning published songwriter whose music has been recorded by other artists, and used in film and television.

    In 2010, she started Indie Ink Publishing, and her first release, John Gormley's Left Out, became an immediate Canadian best-seller, selling 5,000 copies in its first 40 days in the marketplace.

    “I am particularly drawn to looking at those who use great creativity, artistry some might say, in developing and achieving their entrepreneurial goals. Entrepreneurs are inventors, innovators, creators in their own right, and I’m fascinated by the link between creativity and successful entrepreneurism.”

    Suzanne also has a masters degree in adult education, and is an experienced facilitator with both adults, young adults and secondary school students.


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  • Go Fat Daddy (CD). Paschall Arts, 2010
  • Birth of a Boom: Lives & Legacies of Saskatchewan Entrepreneurs. Prairie Policy Centre, 2009
  • Life Sentences (CD). Paschall Arts, 2003

Workshops Offered

  • Songwriting for the Soul
    • Group Size:
      • 5-15
      "Songwriting for the Soul" is an adaptable length program (1-3 hours) that emphasizes the use of songwriting as a positive way to experience and express the rainbow of human emotion. Whether or not you ever sing your song to anyone else, the writing process is a simple but powerful therapeutic and creative exercise with many benefits. Participants don’t have to be musicians, or know how to read music. They only need to bring their minds, feelings and voices.

Audience Age Groups

    • Adults
    • Secondary School (10-12)
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