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» The SWG Short Manuscript Awards Competition

This competition is temporarily suspended.

The Short Manuscript Awards recognize literary excellence in unpublished short works of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and children's literature by Saskatchewan authors. This contest is on hiatus until further notice. 

Past Recipients

1st Annual SWG Awards- 1973

Short Fiction:  1st Carol Machniak, 2nd Betty E. Bailey, 3rd Rita Schilling, H.M. Mrs. A.H. Campbell

Poetry: 1st Ken Mitchell, 2nd Robert Currie, 3rd William Fernuik, H.M. C.M. Buckaway

Judges: (unable to find)

2nd Annual SWG Awards - 1974

Short Fiction: 1st Lois Simmie, 2nd Robert Currie, 3rd Guy Vanderhaeghe, H.M. Dr. L. E. Horne

Poetry: 1st John V. Hicks, 2nd Dr. Robert Alms, 3rd Mary Ann Seitz, H.M. Mick Burrs

Judges: (unable to find)

3rd Annual SWG Awards - 1975

Short Fiction: 1st John V. Hicks, 2nd Ken Mitchell, 3rd Rochelle Kosar, H.M. Lois Simmie

Poetry: 1st Ken Mitchell, 2nd Gary Hyland, 3rd John V. Hicks

Judges: Wm. Valgardson, P.K. Page, and Jim Knight

4th Annual SWG Awards - 1976

Short Fiction: 1st Barbara Sapergia (Ursell), 2nd Alan Bradley, 3rd Patricia Armstrong, H.M. Diane Forgie

Poetry: 1st Barbara Sapergia (Ursell), 2nd Mick Burns, 3rd Garry Raddysh, H.M. Nancy Senior

Non-Fiction Article: 1st Barbara Sapergia (Ursell), 2nd Reg Silverster, 3rd Lise Perrault, H.M. Maryanne McDonald

One-Act Plays: 1st Mick Burrs, 2nd Ian Bickle, 3rd Mildred A. Rose, H.M. Robert Currie

Judges: Robert Kroetsch, Dorothy Livesay, Robert Fulford, and George Ryga

5th Annual SWG Awards - 1977

Short Fiction: 1st Wilma Riley, 2nd Patricia Armstrong, 3rd Gertrude Story, H.M. Lloyd Person

Poetry: 1st Garry Raddysh, 2nd Gary Hyland, 3rd Tim McCashin, H.M. Audrey Johannesson

Non Fiction: 1st Gertrude Story, 2nd Grace Lane, 3rd Jean Reinhardt, H.M. Susan Steiger

Children’s Literature: 1st Alan Bradley, 2nd Lois Simmie, 3rd Margaret Durant, H.M. Dorothy Garnet Smalley

Judges: (unable to find)

6th Annual SWG Awards - 1978

Short Fiction: 1st Lois Simmei, 2nd Pat Krause, 3rd Burna Barclay, H.M. Violet Copeland

Poetry: 1st Bob Currie, 2nd Pat Krause, 3rd Byrna Barclay, H.M. Dennis Gruending

Non-Fiction: 1st Peter Huston, 2nd Lora Cunningham, 3rd Thelma Foster, H.M. Dorothy Jensen

Children’s Literature: 1st Irene Chu, 2nd Gladys Peterson, 3rd Marilyn Scheske, H.M. Mildred Rose

Judges: Jack Hodgins, Patrick Lane, Collen Slater-Smith, and Robert Neilson

7th Annual SWG Awards - 1979

Short Fiction: 1st Anne Szumigalski, 2nd Mick Burrs, 3rd Mary Steiger, H.M. Jean Fahlman

Poetry: 1st Brenda Riches, 2nd David Carpenter, 3rd Kristjana Gunnars H.M. William von Osinski

Non-Fiction: 1st Pat Armtrong, 2nd Sarah Riemche, 3rd Margaret Hryniuk, H.M. Orelene Murad

Children’s Literature: 1st Robert Currie, 2nd Luetta Trehas, 3rd Violet Copeland, H.M. Jessie Sargent

Judges: (unable to find)

8th Annual SWG Awards - 1980

Short Fiction: 1st Pat Krause, 2nd Guy Vanderhaege, 3rd Ven Begamudre, H.M. Elizabeth Raum

Poetry: 1st Stephen Scriver, 2nd Clint Uhrich, 3rd Sue Sorenson, H.M. John Trehas

Non-Fiction: 1st Barbara Rendall, 2nd Sharon Butala, 3rd Lise Perrault, H.M. Theresa Heuchert

Children’s Literature: 1st Margaret Hryniak, 2nd Pat Krause, 3rd Margaret Durant, H.M. Myrna Dey

Judges: Andreas Schroeder, James Reaney, Myrna Kostash, Frances Duncan, and Maria Campbell

9th Annual SWG Awards - 1981

Short Fiction: 1st Glenda Barker, 2nd Rick Hillis, 3rd Susan Rodning, H.M. Bonnie Burnard

Poetry: 1st Bob Currie, 2nd Shaun Cunningham, 3rd Gary Hyland, H.M. Clint Uhrich

Children’s Literature: 1st Pat Armstrong, 2nd Sharon MacFarlane, 3rd Violet Copeland, H.M. Brett Balon

Junior Poetry: 1st Kelly Rendek, 2nd Barb Colvin, 3rd Brian Receveur, H.M. Bryan Sentes

Dramatic Scripts: 1st Rita Schilling, 2nd Gertrude Story, 3rd Jim McLean, H.M. Kathleen Nouch

Creative Journalism: 1st Dennis Gruending, 2nd Guy Vanderhaege, 3rd Steven Lewis, H.M. Margaret Cook

Judges: Timothy Findlay, Tom Wayman, George Woodcock, Christy Harris, Len Peterson, and Joe Rosenblatt

10th Annual SWG Awards - 1982

Fiction Manuscript: 1st Brad Burningham, 2nd Sharon Butala, 3rd Lois Simmie

Poetry: 1st Paul Wilson, 2nd Craig Grant, 3rd Judith Krause

Non-Fiction: 1st Rici Lake, 2nd Sally Hunt, 3rd Laura E. Cunningham, H.M. Margaret Lees

Children’s Literature: 1st Violet Copeland, 2nd Gertrude Story, 3rd Lois Simmie, H.M. Regine Haensel

Short Fiction: 1st Bonnie Burnard, 2nd Susan Rodning, 3rd Dianne Warren, H.M. Lee Gowan

11th Annual SWG Awards - 1983

Poetry Manuscript: 1st Mick Burrs, 2nd Lorna Crozier, 3rd E.F. Dyck

Poetry: 1st Janice Dales, 2nd Thelma Poirer, 3rd Bruce Rice, H.M. Mick Burrs, H.M. Lee Gowan

Short Fiction: 1st Sharon Butala, 2nd Lee Gowan, 3rd Regine Haensel, H.M. Connie Gault

Non-Fiction: 1st Grace Lane, 2nd Luetta Trehas, H.M. Jean Reinhart

Children’s Literature: 1st Thelma Foster, 2nd Pat Krause, 3rd M.J. Storey-Bishoff, H.M. Rita Shilling

12th Annual SWG Awards - 1984 

Short Fiction: Janine Grady, Counterspells; Jean Hillabold, Snowflakes; Chris Fisher, Games; H.M. Lynne Kirk, Friends and Neighbours

Poetry: Jerry Rush, We Said; R.F.G. Harding-Russell, Dusk and Dawn; John Cooper, Mid Summer; H.M. Paul Wilson, Buffalofish

Non-Fiction Manuscript: Keith Foster, A Prairie Portrait: Moose Jaw’s First Decade; Rose McLaughlin, A Charm From the Skies

Non-Fiction: Don Gayton, On the Outlier; Margaret Moller, A Stranger’s Hand; Valerie Senyk Berteig, Corners and Absences

Children’s Literature: Pat Armstrong, The Onliest Child on the Block; Steve Wolfson, Monster Cheese; Anne Campbell, Graduation; H.M. Debra Esau, What Happened at Dr. Wuzby’s

Judges: June Callwood, Silver Donald Cameron, Leo Simpson, Fred Wah, Michael Enright, and Monica Hughes

13th Annual SWG Awards — 1985 

Drama Manuscript: Jeff Park, “Broken Glass”; Sharon Butala, “Natural Disasters”; Barbara Sapergia, “Double Take”

Poetry: Gerald Hill, “The Hillside is Open”; Bryan Sentes, “That”; Joanne Weber, “Karensgaard”; H.M. Joan Havers, “When I Spoke”

Short Fiction: Yvoinne Nikish, “The City Woman”; Judy Nelson, “The Long Path”; Thomas Lewish, “Old Mr. Baker”; H.M. Mick Burrs, “Slow Dance at the Scarlet Saddle”

Children’s Literature: Richard W. Lawton, “Drummond Catches a Rabbit”; Diana J. Wieler, “The Lucky Charm”; Joanne Riley, “Pie in the Sky”

Non-Fiction: Jean Fahlman, “Honoring Our Heritage”; Michelle Hildebrand, “My Grandpa and Grandma’s Place”; Allan Lake, “Tigers”; H.M. Elsa Ellis, “Reflections of a Barn Burning”

Judges: Rick Salutin and Sharon Pollock, Stephen Vizinczey, Christopher Dewdney, Ken Dryden, and Gordon Korman

14th Annual SWG Awards - 1986

Long Fiction: David Carpenter, “God’s Bedfellows”’ Bonnie Burnard, “Crush and Other Stories”; Connie Gault, “Some of Eve’s Daughters”

Short Fiction: Ven Begamudre, “True Colours”; Connie Gault, “This Now Fenceless World”; Marilyn Cay, “Face”; H.M. Rick Hillis, “Betty Lou’s Getting Out Tonight”

Children’s Literature: Luetta Trehas, “Goose Gorge”; H.M. Fred A. Curtis/Ron Kent, “Adventures of the Apple Seed Submarine”; Martha Gould, “The Silver Tree”

Non-Fiction: Peggy Halstead, “An Unforgettable Character”; Susan Conly, “A Diamond Jubilee”; Christiane Laucht Hilderman, “Prairie Reflections on Change”; H.M. Keith Foster, “The Magnificent Failure: Isaac Barr and the Barr Colonists”

Poetry: Bruce Rice, “Saint Bartholomew’s”; Craig Grant, “after the honeymoon’s over”; Geoffrey B. Williams, “the first day”; H.M. Rick Hillis, “Captain Romance Has a Perry Como Heart”

Judges: Constance Beresford-Howe, Graeme Gibson, Fredelle Maynard, Carol Shields, Marilyn Bowering, and Patsy Aldana.

15th Annual SWG Awards - 1987

Short Fiction: Craig Grant, “Sally’s Last Breakfast”; Rick Hillis, “Rumors of Foot”; Wilma Riley, “The Girl in Rose Brocade”; H.M. Rob King, “Waiting for It to Die”

Poetry: Marilyn Cay, “Abstract of a Farm Woman”; Caroline Heath, “Herr Doktor Professor”; Rick Hillis, “Bob and Bing Visit Saskatchewan”; H.M. Judith Krause, “Localizing the Pain”

Children’s Literature: Adele Dueck, “Michael Colours Green”; Regine Haensel, “Braids”; Mary C. Wood, “Zipper to the Rescue”

Non-Fiction: Paul Wilson, “She Oughta Be in Pictures”; H.m. Marilyn Cay, “aRtists from Northeast Saskatchewan”; Regine Haensel, “Like Spring on the Prairie”

Judges: Gwendolyn MacEwen, D.G. Jones, Sharon Thesen, Geoff Hancock, David Macflarlane, and Dennis Foon.

16th Annual SWG Awards - 1988

Short Fiction: Marina Endicott, “The Orphan Boy”; Bekki Lee, “For Jesse”; Judy McCrosky, “A Time for Us There’ll Be”; H.M. Pat Krause “Star Bright”

Poetry: Willaim Roberston, “Weasels in My Lawn”; Ken Rolheiser, “Bus Ride”; Anne Slade, “Reunion”; H.M. Nona Willard, “Visiting”

Children’s Literature: Steve Wolfson “Filbert the Backward Flamingo”; Anne Slade, “Nancy’s Grandma Died”; H.M. Ruth Grohn, “Snowflakes”

Non-Fiction: Elizabeth Smillie, “Dorise Nielsen: A Local Hero”; Darlene Frenette, “Stanley”; Violet Copeland, “The Best Little Show in the West”; H.M. Patricia Armstrong, “Musings About Morality”

Judges: Waler Stweart, Stuart McLean, Alistair MacLeod, Judith Fitzgerald, Susan Crean, and sean o-huigin.

17th Annual SWG Awards - 1989

Drama: Sharon Butala, “The Element of Fire”; Archie Crail, “Exile”, and Barbara Sapergia, “Roundup”

Poetry: Elyse Yates St. George, “Mushroom Hunter”; Dave Margoshes, “Twins”; Barbara Fuchs, “First Walk”; H.M. Shelley Leedahl, “A Few Words for January

Non-Fiction: Karin Melberg Schwier, “Speakeasy: People with Mental Handicaps Talk About Their Lives in Institutions and in the Community”; Sarah Crooks, “The Chairs”; Anne Campbell, “This Building Places Me”; H.M. Christine Scott, “Picturing the Unthinkable: The Day After Revisited”

Short Fiction: Brenda Baker, “This is Exactly the Kind of Thing Her Parents Have Been Warning Her About Since She Was A Child”; Connie Gault, “The Man Who Followed His Hand”; Robert Currie, “Devotion”, H.M. Chris Fisher, “Sun Angel”

Humour: Donna Bickle, “The Cocktail Party”; Alison Pirot, “Grasshopper Stew”’ Larry Warwaruk, “Packages”; H.M. Judy McCrosk, “Spin Cycle” and Madeline Day, “For the Love of God”

Children’s Literature: Patricia Dempsey Vickery, “Old Tuffstuff and the Yadahoo”; Thelma Poirier, “The Bead Pot”; Loretta Herbus, “The Night the Elephants Danced”; H.M. Jean Reinhardt, “Stranger at the Camp”

Judges: Judith Thompson and John Murrell, Bronwen Wallace, Betty Jane Whylie, Diane Schoemperlen, David McFadden, and Celia Lottridge

18th Annual SWG Awards - 1990

(the issues of Freelance  that announced this are missing from our files)

19th Annual SWG Awards — 1991 

Poetry Manuscript: “Farm” by Marilyn Cay, “The Night You Called Me a Shadow” by Barbara Fuchs, “After Atlantis” by Gary Hyland 

Film Script Winner: “The Playboy” by Lee Gowan 

Poetry: “Paradise Lost” by Alison Calder, “The Involuntary Tongue, or the Possibilities of Disgrace” by Victor Jerrett Enns, “Losing the Narrative Line/Hotel Room with Zebra” by Brenda Niskala, H.M. “Excerpts from a Poem of Pears” by Victor Jerrett Enns

Children’s Literature: “Poetree” by Joyce Bagley, “Of Time and Teeth” by Alison Lohans, “Erin Brings Home the Cake” by Mary Love, H.M. “Donna and the Devil” by Susan Phillips

Fiction: “Death of the Sunflower” by Bernice Friesen, “Movie Dust” by Terry Jordan, “Walking Back” by Larry Warwaruk, H.M. “The Piano Player from Hell” by Judy McCrosky

Non-Fiction: “Where my Grandfather Pointed” by Terry Jordan, “Coming on the Range!” by Lillian Murphy,  “Once Upon a Wartime” by Marie Thelander, H.M.: “The Divine Comedy” by Susan Swedburg-Kohli

Judges: Phil Hall, Rob Forsyth, Mary di Michele, Marilyn Halvorson, Lois Braun, and Douglas Fetherling

20th Annual SWG Awards - 1992

Non-Fiction Manuscript: Ven Begamudre “Extended Families”

Children’s Literature: Ven Begamudre “Love and the God of Death”; Dianne Young “There’s a Baby in My Belly”; Bernice Friesen “Belonging to the Dragon”

Short Fiction: Donna Caruson, “Elephants on the Prairie”; Pat Krause, “Deadlines”; Shelley Leedahl, “All Things Living”; H.M. Judy McCrosky “Transfers”

Poetry: Barbara Rendall, “Magic Catholicism”; Gregory Betts “Four for John Berryman”; John Livingston Clark “Four Studies: configuring Love”; H.M. Louise Bernice Halfe

Non-Fiction: H.M Judith Krause “Hands”; Mari Maxwell, “Working Class Women—Searching for a Voice”

Judges: George Woodcock and Sandra Martin, Thomas King, Gary Geddes, Meeka Walsh, and Linda Rogers

21th Annual SWG Awards - 1993

Drama Manuscript: Kit Brennan, “Spring Planning”; Mansel Robinson, “Collateral Damage”; Rod MacIntyre, “The Sins of St. Genesius”

Poetry: Gillian Harding Russell, “Flowers Have Feet”; Shelley Leedahl, “Talking Down the Northern Lights”; Suzanne Longbottom, “Hitler Found Grandpa”; H.M. Ven Begamudre, “Itineraries: I”

Non-Fiction: Warren Cariou, “Letting the Air In”; S.A. Crooks, “Clash By Night”; Pat Krause, “The Author”; H.M. Mick Burrs, “Paper Movie Houses”

Short Fiction: Joanne Gerber, “Nights of the Lucky Moon”; Eric Greenway, “The House of the Lamp”; Rob King, “Connection”; H.M. Leona Theis, “Morning Time”

Children’s Literature: Adele Dueck, “In Search of Mud”; Edward Heidt, “Emily’s Pencil”; Gillain Richardson, “The Great Goode Roundup”

Judges: Joan MacLeod and Maureen Hunter, Don Coles, Bill Holm, Merna Summers and Margaret Buffie


22th Annual SWG Awards - 1994

(the Freelances that announced the winners is missing from our files)


23rd Annual SWG Awards - 1995

Poetry Manuscript: Gary Hyland, “Parts of Our Lives Break Off”; James Mossman, “This Scattered Flesh”; Kathleen Wall, “Aubades for Painters”

Non-Fiction: David Brownridge, “Aids Test Has Many Results”; Deborah Podurgiel, “B.C. (Before Chicken)”; Judith Wright, “The Body, Waiting”; H.M. Donna Caruso, “Doll Hospital”

Short Fiction: Leona Theis, “Composition Exercises”; Shelley Leedahl, “Night Out”; Lynn Kirk, “Silly Bitch”;H.M. Leona Theis, “The Stuff That Makes You Lift Cars”

Poetry: Gillain Harding Russell, “In the Basement of the Plains Hospital”; Dave Margoshes, ‘The Persistent Suitor”; Thelma Foster, “the Prodigal Son’s Older Brother Speaks”;  H.M. Jeanne Heal, “Thoughts on a Tractor”

Children’s Literature (ages 1-7): Gerry Black, “But I Don’t Want A Goldfish”; Beverley A. Brenna, “The Bug House Family Restaurant”

Children’s Literature (ages 8 and up): Verley Robson, “Glass Butterfly”; Patricia Miller-Schroeder, “Shadow Fox”

Judges: Phyllis Webb and John Newlove, Rudy Wiebe, Davy James-French, Claire Harris, and Lesley Choyce.

24th Annual SWG Awards — 1996 (taken from Freelance 26.4 Jan/ Feb 1997)

Long Non-Fiction Manuscript: R. Bruce Shepard, Deemed Unsuitable; Thelma Poirer, Rock Creek

Poetry: Tonja Gunvaldsen Klaassen, Violets; Allan Safarik, The Garage; H.M. Shelley A. Leedahl, Poem With Morning Glory and Stalactites; H.M. Mick Burrs, The Silence of Horizons

Short Fiction: Joanne Leah Gerber, Walls of Glass; Beverley A. Brenna, Over the Line; H.M. Helen Mourre, No Turning Back; Bruce Dawson, Going to Edenbridge

Children’s Literature (ages 1-7): H.M. Louise Nykiforuk, Paul’s New Boots; Alison Lohans, Waiting for the Sun; Adele Dueck, Music For Suzanne; Stan Ruecker, The Shepherds and the Tiger

Children’s Literature (ages 8 and up): Karin Melberg Schwier, Idea Man; Linda Askomitis, The Challenge; Gillian Richardson, On the Wings of Hope, Shelley A. Leedahl, The Bone Talker

Judges: Joan Skogan, Tim Bowling, Frances Itani, and Sandy Frances Duncan

During this time 1997-2003 — the awards were changed? 

2004 Short Literary Awards - (taken from freeLance 32.8 July/August 2004)

Children’s/Young Adult Literature: Rod MacIntyre, “The Ring”; Brenda Baker, “Tiny Teresa Twiddle, Mr. Witherbee Whopperwill and the Terrific Toenail Town”; Shelley Leedahl, “Smoke From Our Cigarettes”; H.M. Shelley Leedahl, “When Davey’s Grandma Turned Ninety”

Non-Fiction: Lloyd Ratzlaff, “Requiem”; Steven Michael Burzensky, “Notes from Fishing: Good Spirit”; Anne Campbell, “Louis, the Last of the Early Croatian settles”; H.M. Sylvia Setter, “Crying on Thursday”

Poetry: Bob Currie, “Starting Out Together”; Gerry Hill, “Crow Town”; gillian harding-russell “Echo Lake”; H.M. Jennifer Still, “Trying On Motherhood”

Short Fiction: Beverly Brenna, “Foil Butterflies”; Jackie Mehlman, “Us”; Verley Robson, “A Place for Roots”; H.M. Verley Robson, “Summer of Jesus Wall”

Judges: Lesley Choyce, Charlie Foran, Roo Borson, Dana Bath

2005 Short Literary Awards 

Children’s Literature: M.E. Powell, “In the Story Garden”; Susan Tupper, “The Truth About Penpals”; Brodie Aikman, “Old Milo and the Summer Song”; H.M. gillian harding-russell, “A Tale Without”

Fiction: Seema Goel, “The Colour of White”; Gina Gray, “One Good Friend”; Monty Gendall, “The Collector, or: One Night in Bucksnort”; H.M. Leona Theis, “How Mavis Failed to Become a Better Person Through Yoga”

Literary Non-Fiction: Jaqueline Moore, “Root Woman”; Sally Crooks, “Ashes”; Shelley Leedahl, “Almost Eve”’ H.M. Lloyd Ratzlaff, “Queen of Clubs”

Poetry: gillian harding-russell, “Nothing Prepared Me for Winter”; Shelley Leedahl, “Walking in woods (with a brother-in-law fresh out of detox)”; Bob Currie, “Closing Time”; H.M. Bob Currie, Campus Party”

Judges: Cynthia Nugent, Barbara Lambert, Isabel Huggan, Susan Musgrave

2006 Short Manuscript Awards 

Children’s/Young Adult Literature Literature: Shelley Leedahl, “Something Like Love”; Linda Aksomitis, “Big Muddy Outlaws and Horns”; Shanna Mann, “Crazy Girl”; H.M. Jean Fahlman, “The John Bonnie Tree”

Fiction: Rodney Dickinson, “Cassie”; Myrtle Conacher, “What to Do About Sam?”; Lynn Cecil, “The Still Life of Faith”; H.M. Dave Rowe, “Drowning”

Literary Non-Fiction: Shelley Leedahl, “San Francisco: Photos Not Taken”; Jaqueline Moore, “Reading Between the Lines”; Helen Mourre, “Away From Home”; H.M. Shelley Leedahl, “I Wasn’t Always Like This”

Poetry: gillian harding-russell, “Roses, Lover, and God”; Gerry Hill, “A Moth Story”; Katherine Lawrence, “On Becoming January”; H.M. Marie Elyse St. George, “Eating Elizabeth Bennett”

Judges: Duncan Thornton, Kenneth J. Harvey, Warren Cariou, Tim Bowling

2007 Short Manuscript Awards - Suspended.

2008 Short Manuscript Awards

Fiction Category:  First Place:  Lisa Wilson (Saskatoon); Second Place:  Hazel Kellner (Muenster); Third Place:  Linda Biasotto (Regina); Honourable Mention:  B.D. Miller (Regina). The judge was Cherie Dimaline.

Children’s/Young Adult Literature Category:  First Place:  Lynn Cecil (Regina); Second Place:  Cathrin Hagey (Saskatoon); Third Place:  Verley Robson (Saskatoon); Honourable Mention:  Anne Slade (Tompkins). The judge was Jacqueline Guest.

Literary Non-Fiction Category:  First Place:  Rodney Dickinson (Regina); Second Place: Mary Walters (Saskatoon); Third Place:  Keith Foster (Regina); Honourable Mention:  Margareta Fleuter (Demaine). The judge was Christine Wiesenthal.

Poetry Category:  First Place:  Melanie Schnell (Regina); Second Place:  Brenda Peters (Rosetown); Third Place:  Linda Biasotto (Regina); Honourable Mention:  Shirley Salkeld (Rosetown). The judge was Dennis Cooley.

2009 Short Manuscript Awards

Fiction Category:  First Place:  Michele Yeager (Moose Jaw); Second Place:  James Trettwer (Regina); Third Place:  Peggy Worrell (Swift Current); Honourable Mention:  Cassidy McFadzean (Regina). The judge was Armin Wiebe.

Children’s/Young Adult Literature Category:  First Place:  Edda Ryan (Saskatoon); Second Place:  Dianne Miller (Swift Current); Third Place:  Carrie Anne Schemenauer (Saskatoon); Honourable Mention:  Andrea Ledding (Saskatoon). The judge was Martha Attema.

Literary Non-Fiction Category:  First Place:  Deanna Robertson (Lanigan); Second Place: Shelley Leedahl (Middle Lake); Third Place:  Keith Foster (Regina); Honourable Mention:  Lois Meaden (Beechy). The judge was Joanne Arnott.

Poetry Category:  First Place:  Medrie Purdham (Regina); Second Place:  Andrea Ledding (Saskatoon); Third Place:  Shelley Banks (Regina); Honourable Mention:  Barbara Kahan (Regina). The judge was Joan Crate.

2010 Short Manuscript Awards

Poetry: 1st Place:  “Prairie Quartet in Four Movements”—Andréa Ledding, 2nd  Place: “Sun, Moon, Stars”—Barbara Kahan, 3rd Place:   “Grotto” —Carla Richards, Honourable Mention: “Building Bridges”—Helen Herr

Children’s/YA: 1st Place:   “September”  — Andréa Ledding, 2nd  Place: “Ghost in the Park”  —Regine Hansel, 3rd Place:  “Now That You’re Four” —Eileen Reese. Honourable Mention: “ Merrilyss”  —June Mitchell

Non Fiction: 1st Place: “Thunder on the Prairies: The North-West Troubles of 1885”—Keith Foster, 2nd  Place: “Economy of Silence: A Brother’s Journal”—Bruce Rice  , 3rd Place:  “Doves”—Linda Biasotto, Honourable Mention: “The Adam Effect”—Lisa Wilson 

Fiction: 1st Place:  “Just a Girl”—Lisa Wilson , 2nd  Place: “Thrilled”—Peggy Worrell, 3rd Place:  “Being George”— Andréa Ledding, Honourable Mention: “The Web”—Madelon Smid

2011 Short Manuscript Awards

Bernadette Wagner

Marie Powell Mendenhall


1st Annual SWG Awards - 1973


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