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John V. Hicks Award Recipients - 2011

The John V. Hicks Award:
    First Place: Joanne Weber “The Deaf House”
    Second Place: Leona Theis “Unsupervised Swimming”
    Third Place: Andrea Ledding “Dans les poches des nos coeurs/In the Pockets of Our Hearts”

Ross King is the author of three books on Italian history and art: Brunelleschi’s Dome: How a Renaissance Genius Reinvented Architecture (2000); Michelangelo and the Pope’s Ceiling (2002); and Machiavelli: Philosopher of Power (2007). He has also published two novels as well as The Judgment of Paris (2006), a study of French Impressionism and most recently Defiant Spirits: The Modernist Revolution of the Group of Seven (2010). He has been nominated for a National Book Critics’ Circle Award, the Charles Taylor Prize, and the National Award for Arts Writing, and he has won both the Governor General’s Award in Canada and the Book Sense Non-Fiction Book of the Year in the United States. He lives in England, near Oxford.
Betsy Warland has published 11 books of creative nonfiction and poetry. She is the Director of The Writer’s Studio at Simon Fraser University, and of Vancouver Manuscript Intensive. An avid creative writing teacher, Betsy has taught across Canada and in the U.K., and is a private manuscript development consultant and editor for emerging writers and authors. She was the Writer-in-Resident at the Saskatoon Public Library in 1993 -1994.
Her acclaimed 2010 book, Breathing the Page: Reading the Act of Writing, is a collection of essays and short texts reflecting on the writing materials with which we write (table, computer, page, alphabet), and a set of new concepts that investigate the forces that lie beneath the language of craft that writers inevitably encounter when writing.
Winners of the Hicks will be awarded during the John V. Hicks Awards Dinner on Saturday October 15, 2011 in Regina. The winning biographies will be available. Get your tickets today! Call 791-7743

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